Is this the only time both employee honesty and timesheet will be used in the same sentence? Articles everyday will tell you about employees who falsify their timesheets by lying about hours worked, where they worked, who they worked for, what they worked on and worse. So why do businesses try to hold their employees to a standard of honesty and then force them to use a tool like a timesheet that encourages dishonesty?

Timesheet Truths

  1. Timesheets are a necessary evil. For a business to be profitable and have any clue about where their resources are being spent, they must be able to track their employees’ time.
  2. Timesheets are not being used just for payroll. Timesheets are used for project management, job costing, invoicing and employee management.
  3. Timesheets account for one of the largest expenses. Labor is one of the greatest investments/expenses that a company pays out.
  4. Timesheets are easily fudged. Allowing employees to enter in their own start and end times based on the “honor system” leaves a door wide open for employees to guesstimate their timesheet entries. This usually equals about $100 per month per employee (even the honest ones do this).
  5. Timesheets consume bookkeepers’ time. As bookkeepers try to do a good job collecting, translating, composing and calculating timesheets they spend hours of time that is valuable and could be used on other projects.
  6. Timesheets are tied directly to profits. All of this put together says that time is being spent on managing timesheets and fudging timesheets and then of course there is the purpose of the timesheet and this is to track labor (a variable expense).

Ultimately what this means is that time tracking is definitely needed, however, it’s costing a lot companies a lot of money to do this ineffectively.

Timesheet Truth Seerum

What a company needs is a way to track an employee’s time with pin point accuracy. They need something that can’t be cheated on or fudged. They need something that bookkeepers don’t have to waste time on. A company needs a way to track an employee’s time that will bring efficiency, productivity and honesty to their business. They need increased profitablity!

Enter Time Clock 2.0, the timesheet truth seerum businesses have longed for. A way to track employees’ time accurately and honestly. A way for bookkeepers and managers to view and run reports in minutes rather than hours. A way for business owners to save the $500 per month they were spending on their timesheets for costs as low as $9.95 a month. The new world timesheet that is saving companies all over the globe from a death by a thousand paper cuts. Finally, employee honesty is encouraged by a timesheet.