“Finally an easy and practical way for businesses to keep track of their mobile employees.”

Aaron Stanton (Novel Projects, Inc.)

TSheets and Jott. TJott? JotTSheets? Call it any way you want, but don’t call it crazy. In fact, you’re probably not going to want to call it anything short of a pretty big deal! Up ’til now, TSheets has been a hot time tracking tool not only to help you manage your time, but for small and large business owners alike to keep tabs on who’s doing what, where and when.  All the while helping both parties keep efficiency up and wasteful cost down. 

We’ll keep those sunny-side-up eggs warm, ’cause we’ve just thrown a whole heapin’ helpin’ of hash browns on that plate. If the TSheets system wasn’t flexible and easy enough to use already, the Jott integration allows ANY mobile professional to take charge of time. All this and more to come brought to you by the Time Scientists deep in the TLabs.

How it Works

First of all you must:

  1. Have a TSheets account (Sign Up Here)
  2. Add Jott integration onto your account
  3. Follow the steps under “Jott” on your Main Menu

Once you have successfully followed these steps an employee can call into Jott.  Jott will ask them who they want to jott and confirm their answer.  Once this answer is confirmed the employee will hear a beep and they will proceed to tell TSheets what kind of action to take.

TSheets uses some killer algorithms to decipher keywords to figure out what is being asked and takes the necessary action.

Employees can choose if they would like to receive a confirmation email or SMS Text messages as well.

Words You Can Use

We mentioned using keywords above. Here is a list of some of the keyword combinations that can be used.

  • Clock Me In Under the ____ Project Code and Attach Notes ____
  • Clock Me In Under the ____ Project Code and Append Notes ____
  • Clock Me In With the ____ Project Code and Add Notes ____
  • Clock Me In With the ____ Project Code and Append Notes ____
  • Switch to the ____ Project Code and Add Notes ____
  • Switch Project Code to ____ and Append Notes ____
  • I’m working on the ____ Project Code Append Notes ____
  • Clock Me Out and Attach Notes ____
  • Clock Me Out and Add Notes ____

For more information on how it works, check out the wiki.


You : Call Jott (866.568.8123)
Jott : “Who do you want to Jott?”
You : “TSheets”
Jott : “TSheets, is that correct?”
You : “Yes”
Jott : Beep
You : “Hi TSheets, please clock me in under the project code meeting external and attach the notes, meeting with Jim Steven about bathroom remodel and proposal. Thank you.”
Jott : “Got it”


Jott listens to for the keywords that you used and takes the appropriate action. In this case it “clocks you in” and selects the “project code” meeting internal. It also adds notes to your time entry “Meeting with Jim Stephens about bathroom remodel and proposal.”

What’s Being Said

“It’s so easy you can use it while driving or cooking dinner.”

Evan White

TSheets CTO

Brandon Zhem, CTO of TSheets.com and Lead Time Scientist, talks about the new integration with Jott, where the idea came from and what some of the problems were along the way.


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In The News

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