TSheets and iPhone – Simplicity at its finest!

TSheets is proud to make our new iPhone application available to users everywhere! By using the new TSheets/iPhone app, you’ve not only got your entire TSheets account on the go, you’ve got it all in a user friendly and attractive interface as well.

Ready to use TSheets Touch on your iPhone or iPod touch?

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One Touch Time Tracking

Working on multiple projects throughout your mobile day? Often find yourself doing the ‘one thumb text’, or 20 different things at the same time? Keeping track of your time should be simple, easy, and painless. With this in mind, one word was at the forefront of our development process: Simplicity.

With the unique ‘One Touch Job Code Switching’ feature, you’ll never find yourself scrolling through multiple menus or jostling dropdowns just to find what you’re looking for ever again. Simply open the TSheets iPhone app, locate the job code you’re looking for, and give it a tap. You’re now on the clock. That’s it!

Likewise, our ‘One Touch Start and Stop Timer’ works in the very same ‘tap and go’ way. No buttons to push, no complex menus to deal with. Just tap and go. Job codes are listed in the main menu, each with a start icon located next to them. Utilizing the iPhone’s touch screen interface, the user simply taps the appropriate job code to start the timer. While a timer is running, the user can also attach any notes to each individual project.

Job/Project Admin

Adding, deleting, and editing jobs/projects is just as easy. Within the tools section of the TSheets iPhone application, the user is presented with a simple menu: Add, Delete, or Edit Jobs/Projects. From here the user can specify an unlimited number of projects.

Let’s say you want to keep separate times and notes on the roofing project vs. the electrical. No problem. Open the Tools section of the TSheets iPhone app, add the project code ‘Roofing’ and save. Repeat the procedure again, and name this project ‘Electrical’.

The administrator of the account can then specify which codes should be associated with which employees, thereby eliminating any possible overlap and/or confusion.

Who’s Working

Our unique ‘Who’s Working’ section is a dream come true for mobile small business owners. The TSheets iPhone application also includes a menu whereby the administrator of the TSheets account can have at a glance, a precise head count of who’s on the clock. Tapping this item in the main menu brings up a sub menu that will list all employees that are currently on the clock. You now know exactly who’s where, and working on what.

Got a group of painters out on a job? Perhaps thunderstorms have rolled in for the afternoon. The painting foreman gives you a call and says that it’s not going to be possible to paint that afternoon. You give him the go ahead to call it a day. 15 minutes later, you glance down at your TSheets iPhone application, and notice that the entire painting team is still on the clock. You now have the ability and data to call the foreman back and ask what’s going on.

TSheets resident iPhone guru Matt Newbill and crew built the TSheets iPhone application from the ground up. “Keeping the end user and simplicity in mind was our goal from the beginning,” says Newbill. “We wanted something that was not only a perfect match for the iPhone, but fun, easy to use, and good looking, all at the same time.”

Like our recent Jott.com integration, TSheets is the first on the market with a unique time tracking tool developed specifically for the iPhone. With the much anticipated release of the new iPhone 3G, the timing couldn’t be better. Our simple to use, good looking, and multi-featured application should find a comfortable home on any mobile small business users iPhone.