How QuickBooks ProAdvisors Can Increase Revenue in Their Own Firms


Want to learn how make more money as a QuickBooks ProAdvisor? Guest blogger Seth David has all the answers.

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Seth David’s Wisdom Begins Here – All About Affiliate Programs

As we select industries to focus on, we are going to master the applications we’ll need to manage clients in those industries. If that includes construction companies, professional services firms, or any place where people are punching a clock, then you’ll want to include TSheets in the mix. Quickbooks ProAdvisors can increase revenue by partnering with the companies who’s applications they’re going to use and recommend.

Many of these applications, like TSheets, have a partner program. You may also see this referred to as an Affiliate program, a Reseller program, Advisor program, or some other variations on the theme. As long as you’re going to specialize in an industry, and with that, certain applications, you’d be crazy not to participate in affiliate programs like the one TSheets offers.

Simply put, Quickbooks ProAdvisors can increase revenue by specializing in a well-defined set of industries, learning to use the applications that serve that industry in the cloud, and participating in any partner programs those companies offer.

Affiliate Programs = Maximized Revenue Potential

Here are 3 reasons QuickBooks ProAdvisors can increase revenue with affiliate programs like the one TSheets offers.

  • Your clients get 10% off when they use your link.
  • You earn 20% of the fees for a year.
  • You’re building a stronger relationship, in the form of a partnership with the companies whose applications you’re using every day.

That last one might be vague, so allow me to elaborate. QuickBooks ProAdvisors can increase revenue by participating in a program like this. You now have more incentive to work closely with that company to learn as much as you can about their product, and what it can do for both you and your clients. This increased product knowledge will enable you to identify more opportunities to recommend the product.

Know What You’re Talking About

People often ask me, what is the secret to being successful as far as running an affiliate program? I have answered this several ways, but here’s a new spin on my answer. You have to know the product yourself, and you have to know every nook and cranny of what the product does. You have to know the work-around ideas that get it to do things it wasn’t made to do!

The reason you have to know the product inside and out in order to be a successful partner is so you’ll recognize opportunities to recommend it. Even companies that aren’t clients of yours can benefit from using the product, right?

When you’re at that networking event, and someone mentions that they’re struggling to find a good time tracking application, then of course you want to be prepared to recommend TSheets, and give them your affiliate link.

Here’s a tip – have a card made up JUST to recommend TSheets with.

The idea here is that we’re not going to be recommending 100 different applications. We’re going to have 5 -10 apps at the most that we use in our core business. Go to and get a small order of cards made for each app you recommend. Of course, stick your phone number and e-mail on there. Or just do one card with something like “Products I/We Recommend.”

(By the way, while I was on the moocards website, I just applied to join their Reseller program, and their affiliate program. If I had done so already, I would have used my affiliate link above.)

The Opportunities Will Not Always Fall in Your Lap

The opportunities will not always fall in your lap so obviously, as with someone flat out telling you they need a time keeping application solution. If you understand the reporting capabilities that TSheets has, for example, then someone might be very confident that they have a great time keeping solution in place.

Instead, they will describe a more vague need, like better productivity reporting on their projects. If you know the TSheets product really well, then you can jump in and describe how TSheets reporting capabilities will solve that person’s problem (and it likely handles the time tracking part much better, anyway). By having the deep product knowledge that helps you understand every angle from which TSheets can make people’s lives easier, you can identify many more opportunities to recommend it.

This works both ways

Next thing you know, the person you recommended the product to, wants your help with their accounting and bookkeeping, because their other accountant doesn’t seem to have their fingers on the pulse of the industry like you do.

BOOM! Now a recommendation of an application like TSheets turns into a new client.

Now look at a video above (if you haven’t already) that will walk you through a model showing you how to calculate your commissions with TSheets, as well as what it will look like based on the number of new clients you refer to TSheets every month.

More About Seth…

If you’re currently being schooled by your competition or maybe your current accounting solution seems more like an independent study catastrophe, we could not be more confident in recommending our favorite Nerd. You can find him all over social media using hilarious hashtags (#talknerdytome) and offering valuable accounting tips and tricks.

Still wondering if there’s value in what Seth’s saying? He was the winner of TSheets’ $5k Pro Challenge in 2014 and won $5,000 – all by just following the model he’s explaining here.

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