High School Interns Track their Attendance with TSheets


Meet Northland CAPS — a progressive program in Kansas City, MO – focused on preparing our future workforce (aka high school kids) for, well…. the workforce.

Northland caps students

The CAPS program currently has 175 students enrolled with 400 students registered for next year, and offers students the best of both worlds.

Junior and senior students in the program still attend classes at their regular high school, then leave school for half the day to attend the Northland CAPS program. What is CAPS?

The first half of the year, instructors train students on what’s expected of them in the workforce, and the students gain professional skills such as problem solving, time and project management, business ethics and self-discipline. The second half of the year, the students interview and are hired as interns in businesses throughout the community, working for two and half hours each workday in their industry of choice.

The results? Practical skills, a business network and mentors for the students that begin well before college or entering the workforce.

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