How to Get Construction Workers to Embrace New Technology


By Rieva Lesonsky, CEO GrowBiz Media & 


From drones and project management software to time tracking apps, technology is transforming the construction industry. As a business owner, you know technology can make your construction company more efficient, more profitable, and more competitive. The problem is getting your employees to embrace it.

It’s human nature to resist change, and technology in the workplace is no different. Your construction team may be worried they won’t be able to understand new technology, it will take too much time to use on a daily basis, or it will be too difficult to learn.

How can you convince them otherwise and get them as excited about new technology as you are? Here are some tactics you can use to get your team to accept new tech tools.


1. Choose technology that works with your existing systems

New technology shouldn’t force your team to abandon their current way of doing things. Look for tech solutions that integrate with the tools you already use. For example, a time tracking solution that integrates with popular accounting products like QuickBooks will fit right into the way you work. Some time tracking solutions even let workers clock in and out from a flip phone if they don’t have access to mobile apps.


2. Share the benefits for employees

You’re much more likely to get buy-in from your team if they can see how the new technology will make their jobs easier and their lives better. For instance, your workers may not see the benefits of time tracking at first. However, when you explain the solution ensures they get paid accurately, enables them to clock in quickly instead of waiting in line to punch a clock, and even offers the log time off and see time off balances directly from a mobile app, they’ll definitely see its advantages.


3. Choose technology that’s easy to use

With so many simple, streamlined apps available today, there’s no reason to go for an overly complex or clunky option. Apps that work as intuitively as consumer-focused apps reduce the learning curve. Plus, when employees see the new tools are similar to apps they already rely on in daily life, they’ll be much more open to the change.


4. Teach them how to use the technology

Of course, even the simplest tech solution requires some education to get the most from it. Make sure to provide thorough training on how to use any new technology you’re introducing. That might mean sending employees to outside training classes, signing them up for online courses, or having them watch online tutorials or how-to videos. Whichever option you choose, set aside some time for your team to learn the technology on the clock or as a group. That way, everyone will be on the same page.


5. Give them time to get used to it

After the initial training, give employees some time to get fully up to speed on the new technology. While some tech tools can be implemented seamlessly, others have more of a learning curve. During the implementation process, be ready to provide guidance and answers to any questions your employees may have.


6. Encourage feedback

The employees who actually use the new technology are in the best position to provide feedback on how well it’s working. They may also have ideas on new ways to use the technology for even greater benefits. During the implementation process and afterward, be sure to check in with your team regularly to get their insights and opinions.

By taking these steps, you can get your team on board with new technology — and the benefits it brings to your construction business.


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  1. David Worrell says:

    Thanks Rieva!

    So relevant — T-Sheets would revolutionize the way contractors track expenses. I’ve proven that better time tracking reduces Workers Compensation expenses (by separating, for example, travel and management time from the time spent standing on a roof or in a mine!). But if you can’t get them to USE the darn thing, it’s all just a pipe dream. T-Sheets is easy, fun and powerful. I wish more contractors would adopt it.

    Always great to read what you have to say.

    David Worrell

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