Break Out The Applause: The New Reason Why TSheets is the #1 Requested Online Time Tracker



You asked, and we listened.

Meeting our customers at their point of need is just one way that TSheets is your #1 requested time tracking software on the planet. So without further ado, we would like to introduce you to the newest feature here at TSheets.

Automatic Break Deductions Have Finally Arrived!

Just how excited are we? Cue happy dance.


You may now consider your day officially made. (You’re welcome.)

The complete Break package, if you will, is now available to TSheets customers everywhere! Now instead of having to clock in and out to take a break or eat lunch, TSheets can automatically deduct specified break times at the end of a shift! Set up takes just minutes, and with loads of options, the Break feature will officially knock out all of those opportunities for missed clock-ins/outs. The devil is in the details, and once again, TSheets rescues your bottom line with our highest-requested feature yet.

Break Deductions Save Time And Money

As always, with your TSheets account, the power lies with you. Now you can configure customizable breaks per employee, or for entire groups. Here are a few of the goodies:

Configure any specified block of time as a break or rest period


To set up a shiny new Break Rule, you will see the option to name it, select whether it is Paid or Unpaid, and to which employee(s) it will apply. Selecting the days of the week on which the automatic break deduction will occur ensures that tracking breaks will never be an issue again.

Finally, choose the length of the break, whether or not it is repeating, and at what point in the shift you would like the break to take place. (You will be able to select from Beginning, Middle or End of a shift.) Voila!

Customize each Break Rule per employee, or even for a group


With the power of customization at your fingertips, admins can select whether each Break Rule applies to the individual employee, or select from your employee list to create a group! All of the same automated settings will still apply, no matter who is selected to receive the break. So if you have multiple groups of employees out in the field, you can rest easy knowing that each group will receive their specified breaks efficiently, and of course, on time. (Pun intended.)

Keep track of all of your Break Rules in one place


Now that you have the option to configure multiple break rules as needed, you don’t have to worry about remembering the specifics! Within your preferences, simply open your Break Preferences window, and low and behold — all of your Break Rules are ready and waiting.

Activate, Deactivate, add or delete rules in just minutes, with one click of your mouse.

How Do I Turn It On?

To configure your TSheets account for Breaks, simply head over to Settings > Company Settings > and select Add-Ons. From there, just click install next to the Breaks feature.


Once it’s installed, choose Preferences to set up those Break Rules.

Just go to: Add-Ons > Breaks > Preferences > Set up automatic break rules.

Once you’ve completed this, you are ready to take it out for a spin! Feel free to create several test rules, just to see how it applies to your company, or even use our sample break rules that will automatically show up within your Breaks Preferences.

Remember that you can add or delete a new Break Rule anytime, so see what really works for your employees, and take it from there!

Set It and Forget It

Automated break deductions mean just that – once you have your settings configured to your specifications, that’s all there is to it! TSheets will simply trigger a Break Rule once a shift reaches a set amount of hours, giving you the freedom to set it and forget it. The pressure is off of employees as well, because once they clock in, that’s all they need to do. TSheets will cover the rest!

As promised, even the set up is a time saver. Usability at it’s finest means you’ll be on your way to automatic breaks in no time.

You Make Our World Go ‘Round

As always, our Support Team is here for you. From the animated gif you can see that they too are thrilled to be rolling out our best feature yet! Hey, maybe they’ll even teach you some dance moves over the phone…


All of us at TSheets would like to thank our fantastic customers for requesting this feature (and voting!) in the first place–it is your life-tested experiences that make these ideas gold to us, and we are happy to oblige. Helping you track your time (and now your breaks!) is what we love to do. Thank you for speaking up!

Have an idea for a feature that YOU would like to see? You too can put in a request. Share your idea, cast your vote, and be sure to include your email. Your request will go up on our Feature Request wall, and you will receive updates as they happen!

Still curious about what TSheets can do for your business? Check out our FREE 14 Day Trial, complete with unlimited features and customer support! Go ahead– give automated time tracking a try, and see how much time and money you can save!