What is an Employee Timesheet?

According to wikipedia, an employee timesheet is used to track time and hours for employees. Normally, this is done in an hourly wage environment where employees are paid by the hour.

employee timesheet

How does an employer benefit from an Employee Timesheet?

The list of employer benefits of having an employee timesheet for an accountable time and attendance system is long… very long. Here they are in a bullet point fashion:

  • Stops time card fudging a.k.a. Death by a 1,000 paper cuts
  • Saves your bookkeeper or payroll service time in processing payroll
  • Charges time against individual projects
  • Shows who’s working, where they are working what they are working on in just seconds.
  • The list goes on

Does an Employee Timesheet benefit the Employee?

Absolutely! Employees benefit from an accountable time system because they will be accurately paid for the time that they work. Many employees complain of putting in overtime and then not being compensated for it. Or the employee may be on salary and putting in 60+ hours per week – They want their bosses to know. At first, it may be kind of difficult for your employees to get into the habit of accurately recording their time. It requires some initial discipline and a change of routine, but once they get used to clocking in and out each day it will become second nature. They may complain in the beginning stages of implementation, but as they realize that this is the new model and this is how they’re getting paid their attitudes should change. Of course this is change, and there are always those that are used to the way things were that will tend to feel a bit nostalgic when new ideas come.

Finally, a tool that puts the power where it belongs… In the hands of the small business owner!