5 Guaranteed Ways to Have An Awesome Day


Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year. (Ralph Waldo Emerson)   Emerson was right. You can make every day the best day of the year. You can have an awesome day if you choose to have an awesome day. More often than not, the kind of experience you have is […]

Matt Rissell is the RuleBreaker of the Year


Breakin’ the Rules Here’s to the the history makers. The earth shakers. The rule breakers. It takes a very specific kind of person to say, “I see how you’re doing things, and I appreciate that, but I’m going to take a different path.” It takes a person who sees a better way and believes rules […]

Black Oak Coffee Roasters Finds Success with TSheets and Square

Meet Jon Frech Jon Frech is the co-founder of Northern California business, Black Oak Coffee Roasters. Not just any coffee shop, Black Oak Coffee Roasters sources small lots of coffees from individually named farms and believes its blends to be practically a religious experience. Black Oak seeks to tell the true story of each cup, and […]

The Next Great Tech Hub: Rural America


Forget Silicon Valley. Here’s why the next big innovations — and big deals — will come from places like Boise. Does that headline perplex you? It should. After all, most of the headlines we see about big tech news have Silicon Valley as a dateline, right? But our company, TSheets, is living proof that you […]

TSheets + Square Team Up for Your Payoff

Swipe. Pay. You’re done. That’s the power of Square.   As a consumer, you’ve surely used it to start your morning at your favorite local coffeehouse, or make a purchase from the new boutique in town. For business owners, the sleek, streamlined Square is revolutionizing point of sale, making doing business a lot easier and […]