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February 1, 2016
Take a Break

Science Thinks Breaks Are Important … And We Do Too

Work really hard. Play really hard. That’s one of our most important core values, and we believe in it for a few reasons. But most of […]
January 22, 2016
Which Oscar Would You Win-

Which Oscar Would You Win?

Awards season is here, and the air kisses are flying. J.Law and Leo cleaned up at the Golden Globes. Ricky Gervais offended just about everyone–again. Cate […]
January 21, 2016

You Don’t Have to be a Geek to Make it Big in the Gig Economy

Do you like to make a few extra bucks on eBay? Is Uber now your go-to cab ride? Ever rented out your house on AirBnB? If […]
December 3, 2015
Time Tracking Force

Join the Rebel Alliance Against Paper Timesheets and WIN!

There is unrest in the accounting world. Thousands have declared their intentions to leave the drudgery and inefficiency of paper timesheets. This separatist movement has brought […]
November 20, 2015

A TSheets Guide to Shopping Small Business Saturday

Ready or not, it’s time to shop! Gift lists in tow, the crowds will soon be turning out in droves, ready to arm wrestle for the […]
November 19, 2015

2016 Business Predictions from the TSheets Crystal Ball

When it comes to preparing for 2016–you’d best follow the sound advice of David Bowie: “Turn and face the strange ch-ch-changes.” Sure, that song was first […]
November 18, 2015

Taking Care of Business: An Update on the Proposed DOL New Overtime Rules

Hot off the press: For everyone who’s taking care of business and working overtime (or has employees working overtime), recent comments by Solicitor of Labor, M. […]
November 18, 2015

It’s a THREEPEAT! TSheets Wins the 2016 Sleeter Awesome App Award

NBD, but TSheets just won the Sleeter Awesome App award for the third year in a row. Can we get a THREEPEAT? (Click here to read […]
November 16, 2015

Sayonara Sync Manager, Hello Web Connector

Attention all QuickBooks Desktop users! As of March 1st, 2016 (less than four short months from now), Intuit will be discontinuing Intuit Sync Manager. I repeat, […]
November 14, 2015

Now Hiring: Channel Sales Representative

It’s the chance of a lifetime. One of the fastest growing tech companies in Idaho is looking for a passionate brand advocate to join our Accountant […]
November 11, 2015

How to Conduct a Perfect Staff Meeting

There’s no such thing as a perfect staff meeting, but there are a few components you can include that will make your meetings a lot more […]
November 10, 2015

What Does Obamacare Mean for Your Business in 2016?

Obamacare is old news. . . . OR IS IT? Spoiler alert, it’s the second option. (Thanks, Obama.) Not only is the Affordable Care Act kicking […]