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August 24, 2012

Putting Your Team to Work – That’s Teamwork!

As seen in our recent Olympic games, in companies worldwide, and right down to your local Boy and Girl Scout troops – teamwork matters. But it […]
September 23, 2008

Waking Up Is Hard To Do

I wasn’t always an early riser.  Many a morning has come and gone in my life where the sound of the alarm has either been turned […]
June 23, 2008

1.21 gigawatts? 1.21 gigawatts? Great Scott!

Doc: Marty, I’m sorry. But the only power source capable of generating 1.21 gigawatts of electricity is a bolt of lightning. Marty: What did you say? […]
June 18, 2008

Kansas Tornado and the Wizard of Oz

My good friend Aaron Stanton called me the other day with an incredible story about the recent tornadoes in Kansas.  I asked him to tell his […]
June 12, 2008

The Stories We’ll Tell Our Grandchildren

Technological advances have a way of creeping up on you. It’s not until you begin reminiscing about “Ya know…when I was your age,” that you begin […]
May 29, 2008

How Did the Worm Riders Tell Time?

I was driving home recently when I glanced over at the license plate of the vehicle next to me, and saw the letters ‘MUADIB’ on it.  […]
May 28, 2008

Go Green with TSheets

Green is the way to be in today’s day and age. With gas prices on the rise and the continuous pressure from the Tree Huggers of […]
April 29, 2008

What Can You Accomplish in 38 Seconds?

We often hear that “time is a precious commodity”, and we shouldn’t waste it.  Sometimes I think it’s taken for granted just how much one can […]
April 25, 2008

Cougar has Bull Elk by the Jugular

My friend is driving along a highway in Wyoming and sees a huge bull elk standing off the road about 100 yards with his head down.  […]