From the Desk of Newbill #1

Installment #1 Choosing TSheets is more than just choosing time tracking. It is choosing control over your business, it is choosing to work more efficiently with your team of employees, and it is choosing to be able to afford your customers better service, because you know exactly where your company stands. We at TSheets are […]

TSheets CXers Will Work Their Way Into Your Heart

After last week’s post about how much we love employees, it seemed only appropriate to introduce you to our fantastic CX Team. With creative, kind, hard-working individuals, it’s no small wonder that our CXers are so ready to treat each TSheets customer as if they were our only one. Believe me, at TSheets, we are […]

TSheets 10k Leaderboard Update

For all of you AMAZING Accountants, Bookkeepers, and ProAdvisors, the TSheets 10K Challenge is well under way! For those of you wanting an update about how the scores are shaking out so far, well, here’s what you need! Our current leaders: First Place … … … nerd enterprises … … … 8900 Second Place … […]

TSheets Halftime Show: New Features For Our Fans

Super Bowl XLVII without professional football players would be TSheets without employees. It wouldn’t exist. For that reason, our team’s game plan is simple: provide a time tracking tool that employees love. We’ve all read the stats: “Disengaged employees are costing the United States $370 billion annually.” And “It looks like the tide is shifting […]

What Do 5 O’clock, Chewbacca, and A Belly Laugh Have In Common?

You heard right: The TSheets crew has a new feature brewing. Custom sounds. At 5 o’clock when you’re hitting the button to clock out for the day, why not hear a welcomed noise? It could be a few bars from “Hallelujah,” the sound choice of our VP of Marketing. Or two seconds of “Chewbacca,” like our CEO […]