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October 3, 2013

FLSA Implications and The Mobile Employee – How Mobile Time Clocks Can Save Your Business

As a business, staying in compliance with rules and regulations can be overwhelming. In my days in human resources, we attended frequent trainings because federal employment […]
June 11, 2013

How to Develop Your Own Chrome Extensions

Introduction Let’s face it, these days most of us spend more time in front of a browser than almost any other application on our computers. Google […]
May 15, 2013

You and Overtime: A Love (/Hate) Story

A big concern for employees and employers alike is overtime – making sure it’s calculated properly, that it’s kept in check and that it’s paid out […]
May 3, 2013

Change is Good.

Change. Change is good for us. But for most people, change elicits a sort of dread expressed with words like “have to”, “should” and “need to.” […]
January 23, 2009

How the economic downturn can be good for freelancers

In tough economic times, more and more companies are looking to save costs, while maintaining or improving business. While these tough times might be hard for 'the company', you the freelancer could just make a killing. Here's how.
December 18, 2008

Children’s Stories and Productivity

What can Goldilocks and The Little Engine That Could teach us about personal productivity?
October 1, 2008

Lego Blocks as Time Trackers?

Michael Hunger sets out to track his own time, and finds a brilliant solution in a childhood favorite: Legos!
August 29, 2008

MySQL: Extract or Restore a Single Table From a Huge mysqldump File

A while back, I wrote an article that explained some awk magic for extracting the restore information for a single table from a mysqldump file.  Since […]
July 10, 2008

Productivity Secrets of the Most Successful People

The Quest As the CEO of, a productivity tool, I set out to interview CEOs and find the Top 10 Productivity Tools they use to […]
June 14, 2008

Keeping Time with the “Honor System”

Today I spoke with a gentleman by the name of Rob who was experiencing a very common pain point in his business. He, like many CEO’s, […]
June 13, 2008

Being on Time – Is it Important?

Is being on time important?  If so, how important?  As a company that sells a time tracking tool surely you can imagine what our answer might […]
June 5, 2008

MySQL – Restoring a Single Table from a Huge mysqldump File

NOTE: A newer article has been written detailing some additional methods for doing this. Read it here Warning: the content which is to follow contains a […]