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February 14, 2017

8 Ways to Stay Motivated When You Work Alone

By Rieva Lesonsky, CEO GrowBiz Media & When you’re a sole proprietor, freelancer, or other type of independent contractor who works alone, it can be hard to […]
January 26, 2017

5 Lessons the 2016 Holiday Shopping Season Can Teach Retailers

By Rieva Lesonsky, CEO GrowBiz Media & As the dust settles from the 2016 holiday shopping season, what lessons can retailers take away? Overall, holiday retail sales […]
January 12, 2017

Give Your Employees More Money This Year — Without Spending a Single Cent!

Depending on your pay schedule, your employees likely get paid every other week, twice a month on designated dates, or just once at the end of […]
January 10, 2017

7 Resolutions for a Better Business in the New Year

By Rieva Lesonsky, CEO GrowBiz Media & I love the New Year—it’s a time of fresh starts and clean slates. Take advantage of the annual reset and […]
January 3, 2017

8 Ways Mobile Technology Can Boost Your Construction Business in 2017

By Rieva Lesonsky, CEO GrowBiz Media & Smartphones and tablets have transformed our lives in the past few years, but they’re also transforming the construction industry. According […]
December 19, 2016

What’s Going On With the New FLSA Overtime Rule? Here’s the Latest Update

The December 1st deadline has come and gone, and yet, the new FLSA overtime rule remains in limbo. The new regulations, which were set to increase […]
December 13, 2016

6 Places to Get Help for Your One-Person Business

By Rieva Lesonsky, CEO GrowBiz Media & Being self-employed is wonderful, but there are some perks of having a job that you probably never appreciated until now. […]
November 30, 2016

The New Overtime Regulations Are Still In Limbo — What Now?

The new FLSA overtime regulations, which were set to nearly double the exempt salary threshold on December 1, have been postponed. Indefinitely. While we all wait […]
November 29, 2016

How to Keep Your Salespeople Psyched for the Holiday Shopping Season

By Rieva Lesonsky, CEO GrowBiz Media & As we head into the heat of the holiday shopping season, the success or failure of your retail store rests […]
November 22, 2016

The New FLSA Overtime Rule Was Just Suspended

Here’s What You Need to Know Hot off the press! In an unexpected plot twist, the new FLSA overtime regulations, which were set to increase the exempt […]
November 22, 2016

This Is Your Last Chance To Make Important Changes To Comply With The FLSA In 2017 And Beyond

The new overtime rule officially goes into effect on December 1 — which means the deadline is less than ten days away. However, if you’re waiting […]
November 15, 2016

3 Reasons You Really Shouldn’t Ignore the New Overtime Regulations

In the wake of the 2016 presidential election results, the debate about whether the new president will “trump” the FLSA regulations by December 1 has intensified. […]