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June 3, 2015

What’s the Key to Success? It’s Not What You Think.

It seems like everywhere we go, we hear people talking about the key to success. Is there just one key that will make your company successful? […]
May 6, 2015

What Role Should You Play?

When it comes to running a small business, hiring the right people plays an extremely important role. But how can a busy CEO figure out what […]
April 29, 2015

Are the Cards Stacked Against You? Here’s Your Plan of Attack.

It’s hard not to quit when everything is fighting against you—when you’re down in the dumps and no matter how hard you try, you just can’t […]
April 22, 2015

The Best Way to Find a Mentor – Who Will Make a Difference!

Have you ever found yourself saying, “I wish I knew then what I know now.” You can! Find a mentor. Seek out the brightest individuals who […]
April 15, 2015

How to Hire Employees to be a Cultural Fit

When it comes to interviewing, I use a specific approach that helps me know if every new hire is going to be a good culture fit […]
April 8, 2015

Blog Talk #1: Why be an Entrepreneur?

Why do I love being an entrepreneur? I love it because of the fight; I love it because of the win.
March 4, 2015

Are You Asking an Otter to do a Beaver’s Job?

How to build your team around the ideal personality for each job type. We’ve figured out how to quickly identify personality types and how to communicate […]
February 25, 2015

Identifying Employee Personality Types in 30 Seconds or Less

Last week we discussed the DISC personality types in detail, to better understand the strengths and weaknesses of each. This week, I’m going to let you […]
February 18, 2015

A Secret to Improving Employee Relationships

In my post last week about How to Communicate with Your Employees Individually – and Fairly we discussed how one of the biggest mistakes you can […]
February 11, 2015

How to Communicate with Your Employees Individually – and Fairly

One of the worst — and one of the most unfair — things you can do as a leader is treat everyone the same. Most leaders […]
January 21, 2015

Why You Should Hire Your Customer Experience Team Before Your Sales Team

I love sales guys & gals. I’m one myself. It’s thrilling to influence people’s buying decisions. I’ve actually been working in sales since junior high, and […]
January 7, 2015

The Rule-Breaker Award: How to Throw a Kick Ass Corporate Party

I recently got an email from a colleague saying that TSheets deserved to win a Best Rule-Breaker Award. Why? Whenever TSheets throws a party, everybody shows […]