Android users love TSheets. When it comes to ease of use, we know a time tracker app is only valuable if employees use it. Which is why we designed our app with the employee in mind; so the “Know How” became a standard. Android users also love TSheets for its “Know Where,” GPS time tracking capabilities.


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Our developers are always changing and updating TSheets’ Android Time Tracker App! See below for our changelog.

Version History

** Version 2.5.3 **
♥ Fixed sync issues regarding Submit Time feature affecting some users.
♥ General bug fixes and performance improvements.

** Version 2.5.1 **
♥ New Feature – Submit Time: Employees can now submit their time and view their timesheet’s approval status from the Timesheet List screen.
♥ General bug fixes and performance improvements.

** Version **
♥ Tapping on Weekly Totals and Pay Period Totals from the Overview screen will now navigate to the timesheets list screen.
♥ Performance improvements made to first sync for users who manage a large number of employees.
♥ Improved sync performance when users sign out and back into a device.
♥ Fixed bugs related to creating new jobcodes on device.
♥ General bug fixes and improvements.

** Version **
♥ Fix for bug related to deletion of locked timesheets.
♥ General bug fixes and improvements.

** Version **
♥ Fixed issue where keyboard would automatically display for some devices.
♥ General bug fixes and improvements.

** Version **
♥ General bug fixes and improvements.

** Version **
♥ General bug fixes and improvements.

** Version **
♥ General bug fixes and improvements.

** Version **
♥ Critical bug fix for specific scenario where some employees were seeing timesheet data not syncing up their company accounts.

** Version **
♥ Fixed bug where Overview screen wouldn’t display pay period totals on last day of pay period.
♥ General bug fixes and improvements.

** Version **
♥ General bug fixes.

** Version **
♥ New Feature: Last used crew is now saved for future use!
♥ Bug fixes.

** Version **
♥ Bug fixes.

** Version **
♥ Fantastical bug fixes and general improvements.

** Version **
♥ Fantastical bug fixes and general improvements.

** Version **
♥ Awesome bug fixes and general improvements.

** Version – April 30, 2014 **
♥ Added support for “Treat Admin as Manager” permission.
♥ General bug fixes and updates.

** Version – April 9th, 2014 **
♥ General bug fixes and updates.

** Version – April 2nd, 2014 **
♥ General minor bug fixes.

** Version – March 19th, 2014 **
♥ Performance improvements.

** Version – February 27th, 2014 **
♥ General bug fixes and improvements.

** Version – February 26th, 2014 **
♥ General bug fixes and improvements.

** Version – February 17th, 2014 **
♥ General bug fixes and improvements.

** Version – February 13th, 2014 **
♥ General bug fixes and improvements.

** Version – February 12th, 2014 **
♥ New Feature: Crew functionality!! Managers can now clock their employees in and out on the go.
♥ Added the ability to create manual time sheets for crew members.
♥ Added the ability for managers to see which crew members are on the clock.
♥ General performance improvements and bug fixes.

** Version – January 16th, 2014 **
♥ New Feature: “Add Timesheet” button added to the action bar.
♥ Improved and optimized location gathering.
♥ General bug fixes and improvements.

** Version – December 31st, 2013 **
♥ General bug fixes and improvements.

** Version – December 18th, 2013 **
♥ New Feature: Manual Time Entry!
♥ New Feature: Map displays GPS data per device, users now able to force fetch a GPS point
♥ New Feature: Users now have the ability to toggle the Android notification display preferences.
♥ New Feature: Users are now able to define favorite custom field items.
♥ Added ability to enter notes on clock-in screen.
♥ Bug fixes and application improvements.

** Version – December 9th, 2013**
♥ General bug fixes and performance improvements.
♥ Improved UI display for rounded time sheets with negative time values.

** Version – November 14th, 2013**
♥ Stability improvement and bug fixes.

** Version – November 7th, 2013**
♥ Numerous bug fixes that should result in improved app stability.
♥ Fixed login bug that could result in application crash for certain user configurations.

** Version – October 30th, 2013**
♥ Fixed a bug which could result in time sheets not syncing with TSheets properly.
♥ Fixed bugs that could result in app not responding errors.
♥ Small UI improvements and modifications.

** Version 2.10.20131025 – October 25th, 2013**
♥ Resolved problems relating to some users being prevented from logging in.
♥ Fixed bugs that were resulting in TSheets mobile crashing.

** Version 2.9.20131021 – October 21st, 2013**
♥ General bug fixes and app improvements.

** Version 2.8.20131015 – October 15th, 2013**
♥ Bug fixes that could result in app crashes for certain TSheets account configurations.

** Version 2.7.20131011 – October 11, 2013 **
♥ New Feature: In & Out times are now displayed in the timesheet list.
♥ New Feature: Haptic feedback support enabled when clocking in/out.
♥ Added support for 7″ and 10″ tablets and other large screen devices.
♥ Improved UI performance.

**v0.99.1 – January 17th, 2013**

    * Fixed bug where some users would get “restart required” repeatedly when starting their app
    * Fixed bug where rounding would sometimes be applied if installed then disabled
    * Better workaround for Samsung devices with buggy numeric keypad
    * Support for selectable portrait, landscape, or automatic display orientation
    * Revised the “Settings” pages
    * Download TSheets-v0.99.1.apk Download

**v0.99.0 – January 10th, 2013**

    * Added support for Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean), and removed support for Android older than 2.2
    * Much faster initial sync performance, particularly for users with many hundreds of sync items
    * Cleaned up and clarified several error messages
    * Fixed some bugs with Custom Fields displaying even when off the clock
    * Faster editing of large crews
    * Lots of minor UI fixes
    * More reliable syncing for users with Custom Fields on their account
    * Download TSheets-v0.99.0.apk Download

**v0.98.2 – October 20th, 2012**

    * Fixed bug where switching tasks would sometimes create a very short timesheet
    * Workaround for users with Samsung Galaxy phones with a buggy numeric keypad
    * Fixed bug where occasionally some users would not see all their user-assigned job codes
    * Download TSheets-v0.98.2.apk Download

**v0.98.1c – September 11th, 2012**

    * Fixed bug where users might get a “Bad API Key” error message
    * Fixed bug where accounts with no global job-codes would not be shown a job-code list
    * Faster sync on start-up
    * More robust handling of missing journal entries
    * Download TSheets-v0.98.1c.apk Download

**v0.98.1 – August 23rd, 2012**

    * Better GPS behavior, fixed GPS bug introduced in v0.98
    * Fixed several cases which could trigger a “corrupt journal” error
    * Additional UI and usability changes
    * Faster sync for accounts with thousands of items
    * Several other bugs fixed
    * Download TSheets-v0.98.1.apk Download

**v0.98 – August 2nd, 2012**

    * Display full job-code paths (thanks for your feedback!)
    * Larger fonts on HD devices
    * Improved color scheme (Required fields are now highlighted)
    * Improved overall appearance
    * Timesheet notes are no longer duplicated if they contain an apostrophe
    * Sync fixes for job codes created on device
    * Several other bugs fixed
    * Download TSheets-v0.98.apk Download

**v0.97.3 – May 29th, 2012**

    * Simplified login page
    * Archived custom fields are no longer displayed
    * Lots of minor UI enhancements
    * Fixed several DB corruption issues
    * Fix bug where total hours sometimes would show the wrong number of hours for the day & week
    * Better support for half-hour timezones
    * Download TSheets-v0.97.3.apk Download

**v0.97.2 – February 3rd, 2012**

    * Fixed a bug with “undefiend” fields for some custom field customers
    * Updated login button to prevent two login threads from starting
    * Download TSheets-v0.97.2.apk Download

**v0.97.1 – January 27th, 2012**

    * Enhanced support for custom field users
    * Fix for manual entry not always appearing
    * Fix button placement on notes screen
    * Misc UI enhancements
    * Download TSheets-v0.97.1.apk Download

**v0.97 – October 20th, 2011**

    * Several GPS logging enhancements
    * Several sync related enhancements
    * Tweaks for phones with high resolution displays
    * Fixed lots of random crashes and errors
    * Fixes when timesheet rounding enabled
    * A few updated graphics
    * Rearranged some of the menu items
    * Download TSheets-v0.97.apk Download

**v0.96.3 – August 30th, 2011**

    * Fixed missing Switch Task button for users that have custom fields defined but no job codes.
    * Fixed “cannot call method ‘replace’ of null” error when performing initial sync.
    * Fixed “database index out of bounds” exception when a user with no time records and rounding enabled tries to start a timer.
    * Fixed “undefined variable” exception when in the custom field selector and hitting the back arrow without making a selection.
    * Download TSheets-v0.96.3.apk Download

**v0.96.2 – August 19th, 2011**

    * Fixed some FCs that were happening after performing a full reset
    * Fixed issue where Switch button would appear even if user does not use job-codes
    * Fixed occasional database corruption
    * Download TSheets-v0.96.2.apk Download

**v0.96.1 – July 29th, 2011**

**v0.96 – July 26th, 2011**

    * New “Switch” button for Fast Task Switching
    * Fix for timesheet rounding
    * More accurate GPS
    * Sync fixes
    * Reduced APK size
    * Download TSheets-v0.96.apk Download

**v0.95.1 – June 21st, 2011**

**v0.95 – June 19th, 2011**

    * Honeycomb support
    * Redesigned user interface (to support accounts with custom fields)
    * Manual time entry
    * Ability to delete timesheets
    * New sync indicator
    * Optimize task selector for accounts with lots of items
    * Fixed a number of sync-related bugs
    * Improved speed of initial sync
    * Fixed bug where timer stops updating after leaving & returning to app
    * Other bug fixes
    * Download TSheets-v0.95.apk Download

**v0.94 – November 11th, 2010**

  • Synchronization is now twice as fast
  • Synchronization now happens in the background
  • Several synchronization bug-fixes to guarantee your timesheets are transfered properly
  • Other minor bugs fixed
  • Download TSheets-v0.94.apk Download

**v0.93b – October 22nd, 2010**

  • Fixes a bug in the task selector that could prevent clock-ins under the right circumstances.
  • Download TSheets-v0.93b.apk Download

**v0.93a – October 12th, 2010**

  • Fixes the bug where synchronization can sometimes hang forever by adding a timeout after 20 seconds
  • Download TSheets-v0.93a.apk Download

**v0.93 – October 1st, 2010**

**v0.92 – August 30th, 2010**

  • Bug fixes
  • New synchronization settings
  • Support for TSheets’ timesheet rounding add-on
  • Download TSheets-v0.92.apk Download

**v0.91 – July 20th, 2010**

  • Improved synchronization
  • Fixed several FC’s
  • New “Manage Tasks” tab
  • New task selector when clocking in
  • Moved the Sync Log to a menu item
  • Download TSheets-v0.91.apk Download

**v0.90e – July 10th, 2010**

  • Better handling when synchronization errors occur
  • Improved synchronization logic, should have errors less frequently
  • Added a “Full Reset” menu item that resets the time tracker as if it was freshly installed again
  • Download TSheets-v0.90e.apk Download

**v0.90c – June 15th, 2010**

  • Bugfix: Allow logins if an email address is entered instead of a username
  • Bugfix: Allow regular employees (without manage my timesheets permission) to clock-out
  • Bugfix: Password fields shouldn’t auto-suggest anymore
  • Bugfix: If user’s password is changed on, the app realizes it and sends them to a login page
  • Download TSheets-v0.90c.apk Download

v0.90a – June 10th, 2010

  • Synchronization: Major speed optimizations!
  • Synchronization: Automatically sync after a clock in/out etc
  • Synchronization: Fixed the problem where sign-ups would sometimes hang
  • History: Added forward / backward buttons
  • History: Display the total hours for each day
  • History: Added a menu item to access maps
  • Map: New event icons, click them to view details
  • Fixed several FCs (ugg!) and other misc bugs
  • Download TSheets-v0.90a.apk Download

v0.84 – May 26th, 2010

  • Added ability to edit and delete tasks (and sub-tasks) from within the app
  • Reworked the GPS so it tracks movement better
  • Fixed a minor bugs
  • Download TSheets-v0.84.apk Download

v0.83 – May 21st, 2010

  • Added ability to create tasks (and sub-tasks) from within the app
  • Fixed a minor bugs with the timer display
  • Download TSheets-v0.83.apk Download

v0.82 – May 18th, 2010

  • Reworked the GPS code so its faster and more accurate
  • Fixed bug that caused the timer to display the wrong number of hours and minutes after waking up the phone
  • Fixed bug that caused the timer to stop after clicking cancel on the timesheet notes screen
  • Fixed bug when sending a deleted timesheet from the website to the app
  • Include the active timer in the timesheet history view
  • Periodically log GPS location if the app is left running
  • Download TSheets-v0.82.apk Download

v0.80 – May 14th, 2010

v0.70 – May 12th, 2010