Employees tracked 845 million hours in 2018—time to show ‘em some love


Employee Appreciation Day, here in the U.S., is always the first Friday in March (also known as the perfect opportunity to gift everyone a three-day weekend, amiright?).

While still an unofficial holiday, Employee Appreciation Day got its start years ago. Dr. Bob Nelson, author and motivational speaker, is credited with its creation. And like Valentine’s Day, Employee Appreciation Day wasn’t meant to be so much a one-day celebration as a yearly reminder to express 365 days of gratitude.

Nevertheless, just as it doesn’t hurt to shower our loved ones with chocolates and flowers on February 14, showing employees a little extra appreciation on March 1 never hurt anyone. In the past, we’ve celebrated Employee Appreciation Day with articles like “5 companies that win at employee appreciation” and “the importance of employee appreciation.”

This year, we thought we’d do something a little different and dedicate this article to every amazing employee who tracked their time in TSheets last year.

We appreciate you!