TSheets named a Best Place to Work in Idaho, fifth year running


What is the Best Places to Work in Idaho, you ask? The program was created to identify, promote, recognize, and support the Gem State’s best employers. It offers employees an external platform to share truthfully and anonymously about their employer. The data, in turn, provides insights and recommendations for businesses to improve.

Being a 2019 honoree is a title TSheets wears with great pride. For us, making the list five years in a row points to one common value: our people. But what does that really mean?

Making a difference and connecting beyond work

When we say we invest in our people, it’s not just about their professional growth. For each person to bring their best self to work, we must enrich their personal lives as well. In an organization of more than 300 people, it can be hard to meet every single person. In this case, a volunteering opportunity can become a social event for employees to connect and build relationships, especially those whose paths don’t typically cross.

Product Manager Josue Tello was three months in at TSheets when he took part in the Week of Service, an annual corporate social responsibility initiative. “It was for a great cause, and I got to meet colleagues outside of my usual day-to-day environment. I’m definitely glad I did it.”

Trust each other enough to fight face to face

It’s important to surround one’s business with those who share the same vision and passion. But it’s equally important, if not more so, to let everyone speak their mind, even when opinions clash. Because great things happen when thoughts disagree. When team members trust each other enough to debate face to face, three things happen:

  • Each person gains a different perspective.
    Being challenged allows employees to expand and nurture their ideas thoroughly. They may reach a different conclusion or stay convicted. But either way, it’s a great lesson.
  • Relationships improve.
    We only see the tip of the iceberg of who our colleagues are as people. By working through a disagreement, understanding is gained and relationships are strengthened.
  • Job satisfaction increases.
    When employees know their opinions matter, it’s empowering. It boosts their confidence and happiness at work, allowing them to focus on doing their best work.

With the right people, the right culture thrives and shines

Last week, we received something in the mail. It came from north of the border and was addressed to Mario Joy, our Director of Customer Success. Mario had never been to the sender’s locale, but as he held the envelope, he was no longer sure if his memory served him right.

To his joy and relief, the letter read:

During my investigation, I required some understanding [of] TSheets. I called your customer service and spoke to Celeste Dimas. Ms. Dimas communicated very clearly and was extremely patient…She allowed me to feel that she had all the time to answer my questions. Ms. Dimas is what I call an excellent customer service representative. Thank you, Celeste Dimas, and thank you, TSheets, for having such a great customer service representative.

Mario shares, “I can’t remember the last time I used a stamp, or the last time I typed out a letter with proper formatting, put it in an envelope, added postage, and sent it to another person. Fantastic work, Celeste! I’m proud to be on your team.”

TSheets is the best place to work in Idaho because of our people, and we’re so proud it shows.

TSheets Best Places to Work in Idaho 2019