TSheets Geofencing: Reduce timesheet errors, save time on the job site


Our latest time tracking feature puts location-aware technology to work for business owners and their teams

Geofencing is something TSheets has discussed and debated openly over the years. We’ve shared the pros and cons of location-aware technology. We’ve even collected data on employees’ experiences and perspectives using geofencing in the workplace for the last two years. (Check out what employees told us in 2017 and 2018).

The good news is most employees (63%) who have not been exposed to geofencing in the workplace are actually indifferent to the technology. Better yet, the majority of employees (72%) who have used geofencing at work report a positive experience.

So as 2019 wraps its first quarter, we are so excited to bring TSheets Geofencing to life for our customers.


An added feature made up of the best parts

In addition to learning more about employees’ experiences, we also learned employers and employees are on the same page when it comes to the benefits of this technology. When we asked employees why they think their employer implemented geofencing at work, their top three answers were to promote safety and accountability and prevent time theft.

Once trust and valid reasons have been established, 77% say they’ll even let select apps track their location when the apps aren’t in use.

Our data also revealed the concerns geofencing users share mirror findings from our GPS surveys, such as the loss of privacy, being bombarded with notifications, and if the app will drain battery life and precious data.

With the TSheets geofencing feature, we’ve put our best foot forward:

  • Employers only have access to employee locations while they’re on the clock.
  • Employees will only be prompted to clock in or out when they enter or exit a geofence.
  • Battery life and data usage will remain minimal.


Benefits of geofencing for employers and employees

In 2017, TSheets found 80% of business owners surveyed have to correct timesheets regularly before running payroll. But last-minute changes are time-consuming and can land businesses in court.

For businesses with crews constantly on the move, here’s how geofencing can help employers and employees alleviate those challenges.

  1. No fuss and no learning curve: Geofencing is easy to set up and revise as needed. Once the feature is enabled, that’s it! Leave the rest to us.
  2. Timesheets are corrected automatically: Well, kind of. Here’s what happens. A virtual fence set around a job site lets employees know they’re at the right place and ensures they’re paid for the time they put in. Even when they forget to clock in or out, their time is marked in TSheets when they enter and exit the job site. Those conversations, “So what time did you clock in this morning?” No more.
  3. Syncing locations with job codes: It can be hard to track multiple jobs and multiple sites. With geofencing, employees can only clock in to the jobs corresponding with that location. It’s another way the technology can reduce and minimize human error.
  4. Accurate payroll and job costing: When business owners have a good grip on their labor, it offers cascading benefits. Spot-on payroll and job costing are just the start. There are fewer headaches all around, and everybody wins.


Ready to try it? Remember to tell us what you think!

Itching to get started? We totally understand. Here’s how to get your geofencing on.

Click on “Company Settings,” you’ll see geofencing under the “Location” tab. Check the box to enable geofencing and you’re all set!

Don’t forget to let us know what you think. We want to hear all about it: The good, the bad, and the addresses Google doesn’t recognize.


Get accurate employee time tracking with geofencing.