5 reasons live chat serves the right support


If there is one immutable truth among all TSheets customers around the world, it’s that our customer support team is, hands down, the best on Earth. There are many ways to get in touch with us, but there seems to be a new favorite in town: chat support. In an age where speed is king, it’s easy to see how this feature is thriving. 

If you have yet to try our chat support feature, here are five reasons why you should. And if you’re a business owner considering adding chat support, well, here are a few of the benefits you can expect to see for yourself.


1. Real-time help and convenience 

Our live chat has a response speed of mere seconds, and our customers appreciate how fast they can get the help they need. When you’re in a pickle, having to look up a number then press nine buttons to place a call can make all the difference—and not for the better. Quinn Radbourne, a TSheets Live Chat Guru, says customers love this feature when “they need something quick, like unlocking their timesheets for re-export.” 


2. Perfect for multitasking customers

A lot of our customers need to keep their phone lines open at work, or they’re already on a call when they reach out to us. Live chat allows them to continue what they’re doing while resolving issues to make their lives easier. While chat still involves some waiting time, most will tell you that being put on hold during a chat session is a lot more negligible than waiting on hold over the phone.  


3. Breaking barriers and making connections

Because we have users from all over the world, our customers speak many languages. Yaxin Van Noland, a multilingual customer support representative for TSheets, says, “Chat support is perfect for those who are more comfortable with the written form versus spoken.” While someone may hesitate to call in for help, most users won’t think twice about opening up that chatbox to get the help they need. 


4. History logs keep everyone in the know

No one likes to repeat themselves, especially when there’s a problem. Often, our customers work in teams, so they need to keep others in the loop. That’s where history logs come in. These chat records can get everyone caught up quickly. TSheets customer support gurus can see where the last conversation with each customer left off. On the customer’s end, logs allow more people to participate in the discussion. Did we mention you can also attach screenshots in chats to show us exactly what you need help with?


5. Real people engage with context

Don’t get us wrong—scripted responses from chatbots and FAQ pages are valuable. But they won’t ask you about your day, thank you for being a loyal customer, offer discounts if you’re a returning customer, or extend your trial because business is down. People do that. And it’s real people who are powering the chat support here at TSheets.


So if you’ve got a question, a comment, or anything on your mind, don’t wait! Hit us up via chat and discover this awesome sauce for yourself.