TSheets celebrates Customer Service Week with our five-star experts


What’s TSheets’ secret sauce for getting over 27,000 (and growing) five-star reviews? It’s having a kick-butt team of experts to help our customers! 

If you’ve been a TSheets user for a while, chances are you’ve worked with one or more of our amazing Customer Success reps. Our knowledgeable team is driven by customer empathy and a desire to make a positive impact on our customers’ lives. 

In honor of Customer Service Week and our sensational team, we asked our Customer Success representatives:

What does great customer service look like to you?


Leading with empathy

Our team takes the Golden Rule to heart. They treat others the way they want to be treated. Even when customers are upset or overwhelmed, our representatives hear them out and empathize. 

“[Great customer service is] treating someone the way you would want to be treated! I give the customer the experience I would also want to receive!” —Sherissa B.

“[What] customer service looks like to me is bringing warmth, kindness, and some fun while helping customers solve issues! As a customer, I look for someone that makes me laugh all while getting my issue resolved and coming from a place of understanding.” —Kelsey T.

“Great customer service looks like the ability to listen and hear the needs of each customer, to empathize with their struggles, celebrate their successes, and somehow leave their day a little brighter with a kind word and efficient help—not just once but each and every time they call or chat in. This service isn’t provided by one person but by a cohesive team, striving to make a positive impact!” —Stephanie S.

“Good customer service is not just meeting an immediate need, filling in the blanks, and leaving a customer’s questions answered. That is simply doing your job. Providing great customer service is meant to be an experience that not only leaves them feeling satisfied but looking forward to the next time they may need your assistance. Good customer service is filled with heart, honesty, empathy, sole attentiveness, grace for others’ shortcomings, patience, and genuine human interaction.” —Amanda E.


Striving for expertise and efficiency

Another theme that popped up was the importance of being efficient and knowledgeable when providing solutions. It’s one thing to be empathetic to our customers, but we also want to be experts who can help them find quick solutions. 

“To me, [a great customer service rep] is someone who takes the time to answer my questions (i.e. isn’t being timed so they have to rush). Someone who builds a good relationship with me while working with me. Also, I love it when someone makes me feel like they are going above and beyond for me!” —Susan H.

“[Great customer service is] being able to spend extra time with each customer and tailoring the experience for them. This might look like spending more time on the phone or emailing them information, checking in on them, etc.” —Morgan O.

“Great customer service, to me, is finding that balance between efficiency, honesty, and kindness. You want to be respectful of someone’s time while still making the experience as enjoyable as possible. You want to manage expectations and speak the truth while doing so diplomatically. Knowledge comes with practice, but if you can find that sweet spot where the customer forgets that they’re talking to support, you’ll go far!” —Andrew E.


Focusing on the experience above all else

For many people, calling a support center isn’t always a positive experience. It can be frustrating and repetitive. And it can take a lot of time out of your already busy schedule. Luckily, our Customer Success team recognizes that from the moment they answer a customer’s call. 

“[Great customer support is] making sure the customer feels happy and satisfied, even temporarily, while we tackle a larger problem. It’s all about the experience we provide for our customers. In the end, people will never forget how you make them feel, so leaving them feeling confident in themselves and the software is what it’s about.” —Jasmine M.

“[Great customer service is] going out of your way to deliver a ‘wow’ factor beyond meeting the customer’s needs and taking the initiative to address issues that the customer hasn’t brought up or may not know about.” —Melissa D.

“[Great customer service is] tailoring every experience to the caller and ending the call with a happy person on the other line. [It is] truly caring about every single caller and reason for the call.” —Ricardo C.

“[Great customer service is] not just doing what you need to do to help a customer but making sure everything in their lives is the best you can make it.” —Ross S.


This is what customer service looks like 

Our Customer Success team has grown considerably within the past few years. But we’ve never strayed from our core beliefs. We always try to provide empathy and expertise to create a positive experience for our customers. 

If you ever find yourself in need of some expert advice or TSheets guidance, our team is available to help you! Give us a call or chat with us online. Our team is eager to find a solution.