17 TSheets app integrations for better, faster business management


Depending on your level of tech-savvy, you might be unaware that our time tracking software plays well with others. How well? TSheets doesn’t just integrate with QuickBooks products. It’s an open API, which means it can be built into a variety of tools, from accounting apps to task management platforms. Here are 17 integrations you might not be aware of.

Apps for service businesses

1. Breezeworks: Breezeworks is a workflow management tool that’s designed to help field service companies manage scheduling and dispatching, job notes, estimates, invoices, and payments, all in one place. Combined with the TSheets mobile time tracking app, this dynamic duo makes it easy to keep on-the-go workers moving forward. 

2. Knowify: Knowify is a project management tool specifically designed for contractors in service industries. From commercial construction to plumbing to landscaping, Knowify keeps important industry information organized, making it easy to send out bids, track materials, and create work orders. 

3. EngageMode: EngageMode is a self-described safety and productivity solution. By detecting, tracking, and preventing on-screen distractions at work, EngageMode keeps service employees focused and alert, particularly in hardhat areas where safety is a top concern. 

4. Lawn Buddy: It helps to have a tool specifically designed for your industry. As its name suggests, Lawn Buddy is entirely focused on those who eat, sleep, and breathe lawncare. Users can complete background checks, communicate with customers, and send automatic invoices, and more directly from the app. 

5. MakeShift: Building employee schedules is tough. Combatting turnover and absenteeism is tougher. Enter MakeShift: an employee scheduling and communication tool that works with managers and employees to fill shifts fast while keeping everyone in the know. Schedules update in real time and sync with other calendar apps, preventing accidental no-shows. 

Apps for accountants

6. Karbon: Karbon is a project management software specifically built for accounting firms. Teams can communicate, collaborate on projects, keep track of ongoing tasks, and more on a platform that puts accountants first.

7. Aero: Aero is another workflow management product, specifically designed for accountants and bookkeepers. With it, accounting professionals can put their firm’s knowledge capital to work, optimizing efficiency and organization while securely managing client accounts. 

Apps for payroll and HR

8. PaymentEvolution: PaymentEvolution offers more than simple payroll. HR managers can use the app to facilitate coverage for any size business. Customers can also view their online pay history from multiple devices and access important tax documents at any time. 

9. JazzHR: Ever wish there was an app for finding and recruiting employees, tracking an applicant’s hiring journey, and ensuring that all levels of compliance are met? JazzHR does all of that and more. The app touts benefits like unlimited users and candidates. Even as your business scales, you’ll never have to switch tools. 

10. OnPay: OnPay is a payroll and HR software designed for accountants, as well as small and growing businesses. The app offers 30 years’ worth of payroll experience and features self-onboarding, workers’ comp policies, and 401(k) plans with mutual fund and portfolio options. 

11. Justworks: Justworks is a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) that helps businesses navigate the administrative responsibilities that come with having employees—everything from payroll and HR to compliance and benefits. And it’s all at affordable, negotiated rates. 

12. ADP: While ADP serves companies of all sizes, arguably their greatest strength lies in helping large businesses with tasks that go beyond HR and payroll. Their “proactive safety nets,” for example, help companies with “proactive data security and privacy, operational risk management, workforce protection, and critical incident response.”

Apps for office productivity 

13. Asana: Asana is a customizable project management tool, perfect for teams with different organizational preferences. View tasks as tiles in columns, on a calendar, or in a list. Create subtasks, set team objectives, and share projects across teams for full transparency and prioritization. 

14. ClicData: With ClicData, users can create dashboards for data visualization—including time tracked in TSheets—in one place. That means less jumping between apps, fewer lost passwords, and quicker insights, which can lead to faster decision-making. If your business uses multiple apps to manage the business, ClicData could be your single point of truth. 

Apps for CRM and workflow automation

15. Zoho Flow: If each of your applications is an instrument, Zoho Flow is the orchestra that brings them all together. With Zoho Flow, it’s easy to visualize how teams and projects intertwine. Break down silos and keep tasks from falling between the cracks, no matter what software is used.

16. Salesforce: Salesforce is a customer relationship management tool, designed to give companies and their employees more insight into the business and its interactions with each customer. This allows teams to communicate with customers better and address their needs faster, leading to increased customer retention and profitability. 

17. Coming soon! Zapier: Zapier helps businesses create automated systems to move tasks forward. Say you receive a new email. Zapier can upload the email’s attachment to the cloud, then alert you to check the attachment via your task management software. For busy professionals who need to keep all their apps in one place, Zapier may be the solution. 


Coming soon! Automate.io used by businesses of all sizes to connect their favorite web apps and create workflow automations without any coding. Using their upcoming TSheets integration, you can connect TSheets with hundred’s apps like Slack, Xero, Podio, and Trello, and save hours on manual data entry by automating time tracking and invoicing.

Not seeing what you need? Visit the TSheets app marketplace for a full list of integrations. Got a tool you think would pair well with the best time tracking solution on the planet? Let’s talk.