How TSheetsPROs turn partnerships into profits


There’s a tendency in the business world to see everything and everyone as competition. That’s the entrepreneurial spirit, right? But in this rapidly changing world, the most successful businesses leverage technology and partnerships to take the biggest leaps and make new friends in the process.

Over the past year, we’ve seen more and more TSheetsPROs “share the TSheets love” with their colleagues, leaning on us to help them forge partnerships across business lines. In the spirit of Accountant Summer Love, we wanted to explore this topic a bit further.

So we joined up with TSheetsPRO account rep Ty Prince to dig into how PROs are sharing TSheets to share the love.



Brian Rich: One might think TSheetsPROs would mainly compete with each other. But that’s not what we’re seeing. Can you dive into why different PRO firms would work together?

Ty Prince: Lots of reasons! PROs are collaborative, and if they can’t offer services to a client, whether because of time, ability, geography, or some other reason, they’re still eager to help that client get what they need.

For example, some of our PROs provide consulting in the accounting world and travel around and help other PROs learn about services they can use to improve their systems. I work with one client who serves some of her own small business clients, but she also travels and educates other firms across the country and helps them understand how they can benefit from TSheets.

Another situation I see is where a firm with lots of franchises will refer TSheets to accounting professionals at different locations. Sharing software internally is an easy way to help your firm grow both its brand and its bottom line when today’s business environment requires constant innovation.


What about PROs working together within similar geographical areas? Do you see that very often?

Absolutely. Depending on the services the firms offer, PROs can have highly complementary partnerships. Some firms don’t want to touch payroll, but they’re going to offer accounting and advisory services. It could be consultation, tax work, auditing, etc.

Other PROs recommend services like TSheets to businesses looking to modernize, but then refer payroll clients to another bookkeeping firm. And because TSheets makes payroll a LOT easier than it used to be, it’s actually a profitable referral!


Our best PROs are constantly looking to disrupt their own businesses to stay ahead of the tech curve. What role does TSheets have in helping them evolve?

By providing lots of education and resources for our PRO partners, they can stay ahead of the industry! I think the TSheets Certification courses go a long way to help accountants in this area. They can become a product expert pretty quickly and make more confident recommendations to their clients.

It reminds me of Scaling New Heights in 2018. The theme was “Taming the Machines.” It was all about adjusting to the new reality where software and automation is front and center in our industry. Five years from now, those firms that leverage new technology and systems are going to be miles ahead of the competition.


Let’s dig into that a bit more. What can PROs do to “tame the machines” and position themselves not just to stay relevant but dominate the industry?

It’s all about being proactive and having a tech stack. Research the products and services you can offer, learn them inside and out, and put together your recommendations in advance! That way, when a client comes to you wanting to get their business off the ground, you already have TSheets, QuickBooks Online, and a variety of additional programs ready to serve the clients you believe in.

When you’re an authority on modern business solutions, you’re going to win every time.


Great advice! One final question: What’s the best way for a PRO to invite another accounting professional to join the TSheetsPRO Program?

If you work with other accounting professionals, I’d say the best way to bring them into the TSheets family is to simply connect them with your account rep via email. Or call your account rep at 208-314-3278 and let them know you have a partner you’d like to bring into the program.