Accountant PROs: Think you can master this payroll jargon quiz?


We’re halfway through Accountant Summer Love, and nothing says summer like a pop quiz! Ok, we’re kidding, but we thought it’d be fun to let you put your thinking cap on and test your knowledge on this payroll jargon quiz.

Think you have what it takes to be a payroll champion? Let’s find out! 

How’d you score? Did you do better than expected? 

If you want to expand your payroll jargon repertoire, check out QuickBooks’ Small Business Payroll Glossary. And for more fun quizzes like this one—like which TV accountant are you—visit our PRO features on the blog. Let us know how you did on social media, and while you’re online, be sure to join our TSheets PRO Forum on Facebook to hear about more fun content like this!