QuickBooks Connect London: TSheets Is Coming to Town!


Be part of our first QBC appearance as an Intuit company

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Hey, Londoners! Have you heard? TSheets by QuickBooks is coming to town! If you have yet to book a spot, you should, because seats are filling up fast.

TSheets has always been a staple at QuickBooks Connect events, but our London stop this year is extra special. It’s our first QBC appearance in the capital city and as an Intuit company.

And if you’re a QBC veteran, you know every conference is different and there’s always something to learn. But if you needed a refresher on why you should be in London, we’ve got that too.


1. Access a networking goldmine

It’s so much more than just meeting your peers. There are vendors and suppliers catering specifically to your industry attending the conference too. It’s common for attendees to want to avoid these groups, thinking they will present nothing more than a sales pitch to close the deal. But in actuality, vendors and suppliers are the ones most in tune with the business climate. They can deliver innovative products and services to compete for businesses like yours.


2. Share what you know, learn something new

What better way to gauge where you’re at in your industry than in an environment where you’re surrounded by your peers? More importantly, peers who will gladly share their best practices and experiences. Peers who meet as strangers and even competitors, only to become fast friends. Small business ventures can be a lonesome, all-consuming journey that leaves you in the dark of new ideas and trends. If you are a seasoned leader in your industry, then take your chance to position yourself as an industry expert.


3. Take advantage of invaluable face time

For many businesses, customers can hail from around the country or the globe. It’s been found that loyal customers are seven times more likely to try a new offering, five times more likely to repurchase, five times more forgivable should something go wrong, and four times more likely to refer. Many will gather at QBC. Use this chance to convert your customers into brand evangelists. But don’t just take our word for it.

“Face time with the [TSheets]PROs I had connected with on social media prior and those I’ve never met before was absolutely amazing! We were already BFFs online, but I feel like now we’re BFFs for life. To hear from them how our product and support are helping their business was both a humbling and empowering experience. Their love made me feel like a rock star with superpowers!”

— Alex Miles, TSheetsPRO Community Evangelist

And Alex has met a lot of folks.


There’s more!

Swag and prizes galore

Fancy our famous, super-soft tees? You’re in luck. We will have them at the booth, ready for you. There will also be raffles with amazing giveaways where winners stand a chance to clinch some cool gadgets and more than a few quids!

Product demos

Find out how we can help streamline your processes for payroll and invoicing. Already our customer? Then tell us how we’re doing. Fab or drab, we want to know it all.

So be sure to pop over for a lovely chinwag with Angie, Corey, Dan, Jen, Jess and Sandy. You’ll be glad you did. Promise.


If you haven’t joined the TSheetsPRO community, there’s no time like now to get a free professional account!