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*New* Add photos to timesheets with the touch of a button

We love releasing new features, especially ones that have been a long time coming. But even when we have a feature we can’t wait to get out, it’s important to us that we vet it fully to make sure the feature we release is the one we were inspired to create.

Part of that vetting process is working with beta testers. These (much appreciated) guinea pigs give us a better idea of what we’re doing right, what needs to change, and whether or not we’re on the path to rolling out a hit.

5 ways visual record-keeping increases productivity, employee empowerment, and remote management

Well, ladies and gentlemen, we’re finally there! And the feature we’re making available to all of you is the ability to add photos to timesheets! That’s an unlimited number of photos. We’re super excited to be bringing this feature to you — a No. 1 customer request.

You may remember a blog we wrote back in December, laying out this feature and how we thought companies could benefit from it. At that point, we were looking for beta testers to see if the solution we’d built out was effective. And it was!

We received a lot of positive feedback from our beta testers — feedback we’re excited to share with you today! Wondering if you should give this new feature a try? Check out these testimonials, straight from the horse’s mouth.


Here’s what our beta testers said about attaching photos to timesheets

“[This feature] helps make the crews accountable, and there is proof instead of just taking their word for it. It helps me know exactly what’s missing or what work is left to do, instead of asking the crew a million questions to be able to schedule properly. It also helps in billing out repairs. I can attach a picture to the invoice, proving why we charged them for this repair and what [needs to be] fixed. The pictures can also be used for marketing our skills to gain future business.”

— Troy, B&B Tile


“We are [attaching] pics of furnaces’ model and serial [numbers], so we can get them in our database. This makes it easy for us to order parts for our customers’ units and know what types of units we are going to work on when they need service. We also are adding pictures of jobs, which helps me see what my crews’ jobs look like without having to visit them. This saves me a lot of time. Most common for a couple pics per job.”

— Garrett, Universal Heating, Cooling & Refrigeration


How to add pictures to timesheets

We know change isn’t always easy, even if it’s making use of a feature you’ve been dying to use. That’s why we’ve created this helpful how-to document that will lead you through the process of attaching and viewing photos on timesheets. Need something a little more visual? Check out this video for more hands-on coaching.


Try it out for yourself!

So … tell us truly. Did we nail it? If you haven’t yet had a chance to check out the brand-new photo attachment feature in TSheets, there’s no time like the present! Let us know what you think. And after you’ve had a chance to add timesheet photos to your TSheets routine, tell us what other features you’d like to see in your TSheets app!


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  1. Caren Schwartz says:

    Great feature. For firms like construction and contractors this will be especially useful.

  2. Katey Maddux says:

    Love the new updates! Y’all are the best!

  3. Joshua Lance says:

    This is a great update— also great to see what the team see each and every day.

  4. Beverly says:

    Great update! Can’t wait to have clients update timesheets with pictures of activities completed!

  5. David Maher says:

    Awesome update. The ability for workers in the field to document their work is great. Thanks!

  6. Susan Humphreys says:

    Keep up the great work! Live the new picture potential.

  7. Susie Spears says:

    Up and down on this issue. Great to have the documentation but extra time to do it.

  8. I have already contacted my client that asked this question from the beginning. They wanted photos and attachments. I hope this can be a requirement in features! Thank you for listening ?

  9. Teresa Miele says:

    Wow. This is really a nice addition. Can’t wait to tell clients about it.

  10. You guys not only rock at marketing and timekeeping, but all the bells and whistles and integration to boot…

  11. Dan luthi says:

    Love this! Being able to add documents showing signatures from a customer for project completion or for receipt management is great!!

  12. Deborah says:

    This is incredible feature-Helps remote employees keep the employer up to date on progress of a project!

  13. This is fantastic! Another great tool and a way to keep everyone up-to-date and informed. Tsheets is always coming through with new ways to make time tracking easier.

  14. Sandy says:

    Will be good for documenting both the good and the bad (damage as well as completed projects). Great tool that should help productivity and performance.

  15. Tina Gregory says:

    Sending photos to customers with a bill or timesheet is a terrific way to impart confidence to your clients for your work. One of my clients uses T-Sheets to send before and after shots of (damage repair) work which not only provides their customers with a record, but in many cases can be used for insurance/inventory reference. Great feature.

  16. Geni says:

    Great feature for many different types of businesses. Will work great for vineyard teams showing before and after pics of their efforts in wine country!

  17. Donna Mendyke says:

    Great Feature!!! This will be very useful.

  18. Rama says:

    This has been long coming. Thanks TSheets!

  19. Robin Hall says:

    Very excited about this new feature!!

  20. Alicia Beard says:

    This would be great for a landscape customer of mine!

  21. Erin Riley says:

    Awesome feature! Perfect CYA tool.

  22. Michelle says:

    The only thing I don’t love about this is when you use a photo in your camera roll, it timestamps it for that day and time, not the day and time it was actually taken. There is no way to tell if it is a new photo or an old photo. Other than that, great feature!

    • Myranda Mondry says:

      Hey Michelle, great point! I’ll pass this along to our dev team and see if there’s anything they can do about that!

  23. The Firm says:

    Awesome feature; can use to post photos to our website.

  24. Gary Randall says:

    Oh great now my employees can do something they have always been able to do, send me a picture, big deal! How about making it impossible for an employee to be logged in to two or more companies and racking up payroll hours on both at the same time? I can’t see why this simple request is so hard for you people to comprehend!!!!!!!

    • Myranda Mondry says:

      Hi Gary, thanks for your feedback. I can see why that can be frustrating! Unfortunately, different accounts require different logins, and there’s no way for our system to know whether or not those logins belong to the same person. We’d love to help you find a creative solution for this problem! Give our customer support team a call any time at 888-836-2720 or chat with them live on our website — they’ll be more than happy to help!

  25. Stacey Byrne says:

    Great new feature! Thank you Tsheets for always evolving and delivering what your customers need.

  26. This is nice but definitely not the number one feature in my book. TSheets desperately needs a pause button. I don’t know of any other time tracking software that doesn’t have a pause button. When might we see that?

    • Myranda Mondry says:

      Hi Patricia, good question! I don’t think a pause button is currently on our calendar, but I’ll pass your request along to our devs. In the meantime, TSheets allows employees to clock out or take a break with just one click! When they’re done with their break, TSheets will either automatically clock them back in, or they can end their break (or clock back in) directly from the home screen (depending on your company settings). It’s not exactly a pause button, but it works the same way! If you ever have any questions or concerns about making TSheets work for your company’s needs, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer service team. A real person will answer your call in about 2 minutes — and they love coming up with creative solutions for our customers :)

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