Nonprofit Dedicated to Repairing Vision Receives a Boost


As part of our We Care Give Back mission, TSheets and Intuit recently launched a “Heart of Gold” campaign for all our TSheetsPROs (our VIP accountants) to celebrate their nonprofit clients. Any nonprofit referred to TSheets between June 25 and July 5 was entered to win $500 donated by TSheets and Intuit.

Operation Sight is our grand prize winner, and we couldn’t be more excited to highlight this incredible organization whose mission is to change lives by providing vital, sight-restoring operations to those in need.

Operation Sight is a nonprofit based in South Carolina that provides eye surgery for low-income and/or uninsured families. The organization was founded in 2011 by Dr. John Boatwright, Dr. Paul Herring, and Dr. Kerry Solomon after social entrepreneurs identified the impacts vision challenges has on South Carolinians who can’t afford cataract surgery or lack insurance to get the eye care they need.

With the help of volunteer surgeons and other healthcare workers and administrators, the organization grew to nearly 100 volunteers, and they’ve provided 262 surgeries to over 150 people.

“The best part of the program is when we are able to provide surgery to someone who is able to keep their job, who, without the surgery, would have lost their job and their ability to take care of themselves,” said Cindi Solomon, executive director of Operation Sight. “Just as wonderful is learning that one of our participants regains their vision, thanks to our program, and is able to go back to work — and keep their dignity.”


Our PROs care and give back!

Operation Sight is a client of CPA Lynn Austin of Grant Management Institute, the TSheetsPRO who made the win happen.

When Austin heard the news of the donation, she was overjoyed. “Thank you so much for supporting my client, Operation Sight,” she told us in an email. “Operation Sight is truly remarkable in their efforts to restore vision and change lives.”

Austin said that although $500 may not look like a lot in today’s economy, this donation will provide half the cost of the operating room to restore the vision in one eye for the rest of the recipient’s life. And Solomon said Operation Sight is only able to do what it does thanks to donations.

“These donations allow us to pay our participants’ surgery center costs and invest in our patient navigator who works with our participants to match them with volunteer surgeons and healthcare providers,” Solomon said. “Winning this donation from TSheets was huge! For Operation Sight, it allows us to provide surgery to one more person this year. For that person, this gift of sight is life-changing!”

Just take it from one 2018 Operation Sight patient:

“I relied on friends and family to drive me to the grocery store and help me pay my bills. It was so embarrassing and I became depressed. I had lost my job due to my cataracts and eventually couldn’t even see the numbers on the phone to make a call. It was a terrible time in my life. Now, I am back at work and functioning like a normal person again!”


Streamlining processes, improving communities

TSheets is proud to give back to an organization that cares so much about the people it serves, and we’re so grateful for our hardworking PROs.

“We believe that this new partnership with TSheets will bring great value to Operation Sight by streamlining its operations and helping it track its community impact,” Austin said.

Congrats again to Operation Sight. And thank you so much to everyone who participated in this contest and to those who continue to support great causes in their communities. If you haven’t already, follow us on social media for more exciting ways to get involved!


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