Looking Back on a Year of Growth


TSheets makes the Best Places to Work in Idaho list 4 years in a row!

There are plenty of words that could describe us here at TSheets, but the most fitting, by far, is growth. Especially this year.

It’s been an incredible 365 days since we last celebrated being named Idaho’s best place to work. So much has happened in that time, that day could have been a lifetime ago.

Since last April, we’ve doubled in size. We outgrew our cozy space by the river and moved into a brand-new building down Eagle Road and have since taken over the entire building. Even now, with two floors filled, we’re still expanding to build out the third floor to accommodate our growing team.

If you’ve been on the phone with one of our customer experience gurus, you may have heard the sounds of growth — the banging, clanging, and buzzing of machinery as workers put in time around the clock to get our third floor ready for future TSheeters.

Of course, a new building isn’t all we got this year. We also caught the eye of Intuit, and following a January 2018 acquisition, began our new chapter in our story as TSheets by QuickBooks. As much as TSheets has grown and changed over the last 11 years, it’s fair to say we’ve never had a year bigger than this.

And while strong growth doesn’t come without its fair share of growing pains, there’s something to be said for positivity in the face of change. As Matt’s fond of saying, “You’ll always find what you’re looking for.”

So what did we find?

For one thing, we found that even with so much change and rapid growth, at the core, we’re still us. Our culture remains the same and as strong as ever. And whether we’re fueled on diet coke, beer from the downstairs keg, or 8,424 cans of LaCroix, we’re excited about the future and the success that’s yet to come.

This year, for the first time in four years, we didn’t make No. 1 on the Best Places to Work list. But coming in at No. 3 isn’t a loss — it quite frankly could be a testament to those growing pains we’ve been feeling. It’s definitely an opportunity to prove to ourselves and to our customers that we’re still the same great company, and perhaps an even better and stronger team than we were before.

What kind of growth did your company experience this year?
What opportunities are you looking forward to in the future?
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