Why Content Matters for the Buyer’s Journey


Understand how words and numbers affect the ToFu, MoFu, and BoFu

Written content can do many things for a business. It helps to establish brand identity, build trust among existing and potential customers, and, in time, can even inaugurate your organization as a subject matter expert. It’s also no secret that B2B buyers will conduct some form of research before purchasing any business product, while three-quarters of B2B leads are not sales-ready.

For startups and business owners with scarce resources, buy-at-first-sight is a luxury they simply cannot afford. This is why producing the right content for every phase of your buyer’s journey is key.


How content opens your ToFu (Top of Funnel)

The year was 2007. Blogging was still a fairly new content platform for companies. Mint, however, saw an opportunity and went all-in. Their blog, MintLife, started offering personal financial tips, best-in-breed roundups, and how-to videos. Soon posts were going viral, cementing Mint as a trustworthy product with search engine credibility.

This is where the ToFu content starts. Be a resource to your audience and educate them on the pain points they’re hoping to solve, but don’t include a call to action such as “sign up for free” or “free for a month” or “get it free today” just yet. You wouldn’t ask someone to marry you on the first date, would you? Wait, nevermind. You get the point.


Introducing your offerings in the MoFu (Middle of Funnel)

If helping your customers succeed stays true through your content, your audience will soon find themselves in this stage of the funnel. They’ve gotten to know your voice and understand what you do. Trust has been built, and your content has been incorporated into their go-to support system.

You can now begin to position your offerings as a possible solution for the pain points they’re experiencing. Use case studies, whitepapers, survey data, and testimonials to drive the point home, while adding layers to your credibility.


Influencing decisions at the BoFu (Bottom of Funnel)

You’ve struck a chord by identifying pain points, you’ve pointed to possible solutions by comparing stats and data, and you’ve even offered an interactive calculator so those looking for hard numbers can see expected ROI. The potential customer has all the information they need to make a decision.

Your content can now offer calls to action like a free trial, demo, or introductory incentives such as a personalized discount code and complementary training. Whatever it is you choose to do, make sure the registration or sign-up process is easy and straightforward. And with that, reap the rewards of all the hard work you have sowed. Admittedly, to become a recognized thought leader and industry influencer will take time. But it’s the currency your business needs to grow and mature.


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