The Ultimate Tax Season Playlist


You wouldn’t throw a party without music. You wouldn’t plan a road trip without music (we certainly hope you wouldn’t). So why would you go through something as … ehm … taxing as tax season without the jammin-est jams in jamland?

That’s right, you wouldn’t.

You know we’ve got you. Your heart is full of hype, your toes are ready to tap, and your tail feathers are already shakin’. So get your back up off the wall and put the groove back in tax time.

We’ve come up with the ultimate tax season playlist. Listen below and save it on Spotify! (It’ll always there when you need it, and we know you will.) Enjoy!


  1. Sarah Nall says:

    This is hilarious and awesome! Thanks for thinking of this!!

  2. starting a business is likr a first date, exciting and hopeful for a new beginning. Keep the dream alive!

  3. Sandy says:

    So fun!

  4. Donna Mendyke says:

    Wow!! Thanks for sharing. I love this.

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