The Year You Get Fearless With Your Firm


There’s no growth without a little risky business — here’s how to make it happen

What was the scariest thing you did in 2017? Bungee jump? Start a family? Start your own business venture? How’d they go? If you’re reading this, the bungee jump at least went well. So what’s next? Are you ready to take some risks this year?

If you’re an accountant, your firm can take two paths in 2018: Stay the comfy course, or take the risks required to surpass your goals. Obviously, it’s not always easy to step out of our comfort zones, especially if we’re getting by just fine, but there is no growth without risks.

Here are a few tips to start planning your challenges this year, with healthy risks in mind.

  1. Learn from your failures. What went wrong last year? What could you have done differently? What is one thing you wish you would’ve done that you didn’t do? Put it on your list.
  2. Take baby steps. Check off those low-risk changes first. Make the smaller investments, make that website redesign, or hire someone smarter than you to help manage the unmanageable.
  3. Remember that failure is a lesson. No task comes without the chance of failure. Don’t be upset by mistakes, but learn from them and move on.


Learn how to take risks in 2018 with the winter Business Bootcamp, January 22-26

To start the new year off on the right foot, every firm must set goals and lay the groundwork for success. Please join us for this insightful one-week virtual winter Business Bootcamp to help your firm get set up for huge wins in 2018.

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Monday, January 22:

“Developing a Culture of Innovation”
Hosted by Geni Whitehouse, Countess of Communication for Even a Nerd Can Be Heard

Sometimes we fear change too much and, as a result, don’t get out of our comfort zones or challenge ourselves. Let 2018 be the year that mindset changes for good.


Tuesday, January 23:

“Pricing Secrets: The 7-Step Formula for Mastering Value Pricing”
Hosted by Mark Wickersham, chartered accountant and author

This will be a hands-on discussion on how to start bundling your services and selling them at a higher value.


Wednesday, January 24:

“Tools to Build (and Implement!) Your 2018 Marketing Strategy”
Hosted by Kacee Johnson, founder of Blue Ocean Principles

This year, plan — and actually execute — an above-and-beyond marketing plan with a few easy tips.


Thursday, January 25:

“Building a Firm Around a Niche”
Hosted by David Leary, Global Small Business Ecosystem Evangelist for Intuit

When you understand your niche, you can use fewer apps, understand your costs, move to fixed pricing, provide deeper services to clients, and value bill. Here’s how to take that first step to finding your niche.


Friday, January 26:

“Four Top Firms Discuss Increasing ROI in 2018”
Sponsored by TSheets

A fireside chat wherein four top firms share their marketing plans, pricing, niches, and tech stacks for 2018.


Risk #1: Get involved!

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