The Best Wall Mounts (and a Special Offer) for Your TSheets Kiosk


Make the most of TSheets facial recognition using hardware configurations with this special offer

Did you know the TSheets Kiosk, a stationary time clock solution, includes facial recognition? Your team can track time with ease, and you can rest easy knowing the person clocking in and out is the employee scheduled. If you’re ready to start using Kiosk (or already have it!), it’s critical you set up your tablet for success.

Determining the location of your kiosk helps you choose the best hardware. So to find the type of configuration that can work best for your tablet, it’s important to consider a few things:

  • The environment in which you’ll be using it.
  • The number of people interacting with it on a daily basis.
  • The level of security the business requires.


Minor-use and/or low-traffic environments

Examples of this type of environment include retail offices, small office spaces, schools, hospitals, and restaurants where no heavy tablet protection is necessary. In these cases, a simple wall- or glass-mount configuration will be sufficient.

A typical, clean office environment might use a universal (adjustable) mount for their tablet kiosk. An adjustable tablet mount can help employees

angle the kiosk to capture good pictures. If you’re thinking of getting something similar for your team and wondering what we use here at the TSheets headquarters, it’s actually this one by Solve-It! Companies, LLC.

But wait! For a limited time, Solve-It! is offering $10 off your order with them! Just use the code tsheets1. Think of it as your complete time clock solution.


Moderate-use and/or high-traffic environments

Photo courtesy of RAM Mounts.

Examples of this type of environment include construction sites, manufacturing plants and warehouses, and conditions wherein many employees are interacting with the time clock throughout the day.

If your tablet is subject to a bit more wear and tear, you might consider a protective mount from Solve-it, which has heavy-duty casing options. Meanwhile, RAM mounts also come with anti-theft configurations for busy spaces. Again, make sure your mount is adjustable so that people of different heights can easily clock in and out using your tablet’s camera for facial recognition.


Automotive or on-the-road environments

Photo courtesy of RAM Mounts.

Kiosks with facial recognition can sometimes be placed in cars, trucks, or other vehicles where teams are clocking in and out in the field. Construction companies, landscapers, or cleaning services might use a kiosk in their fleets for simple time tracking.

If you decide to place a tablet inside a vehicle, you might be concerned about theft, especially when the crew isn’t close by. RAM mounts include anti-theft options for maximum security and can adjust to photograph either the passenger or driver, no matter their height, right inside the car.


Everywhere else

Ultimately, the configuration you choose should help optimize facial recognition at your kiosk. Shop around to find what works best for your business environment, but take the quality of your photos into consideration.

If you get hardware that includes a protective case, make sure your tablet’s camera isn’t covered. And always position the camera in good lighting for better-quality photos (there should be no bright light behind the person clocking in).

Mount your kiosk at face-level and make it adjustable. A floor stand is okay if it’s adjustable for height, but a table configuration is recommended for facial recognition.

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  1. Marissa Nova says:

    Yes, this type of Kiosk helpful for retail offices, small office spaces, schools, hospitals, and restaurants where no heavy tablet protection is necessary. Now many people are using wall mount tablet and iPad enclosure for official use and kiosks. Recently I ordered wall mount tablet enclosure from to set kiosk system for my restaurant.

  2. Jack says:

    This is a great example of an ideal kiosk as it will help the user in all the ways possible. With advancement in our approach, technology, and race, we should evolve our kiosk as well.

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