Does TSheets Offer a Physical Time Clock?


Spoiler Alert: Of course we do!

Tracking your employee’s time hasn’t always been easy. But it’s 2017, folks. The technology is here … and it’s ah-mazing.

And just because TSheets offers all the bells and whistles that come with modern time tracking (hello, GPS, seamless integrations, and simple scheduling functionality!) doesn’t mean your employees can’t clock in “old-school” when need be.

And no, we’re not talking about paper timesheets.

We’re talking about TSheets Kiosk.

Now, you might be thinking, “Back right up. TSheets is cloud-based! TSheets is forever in motion! How could it serve as a kiosk?!”

We hear you.

Ever since we rolled out the new Kiosk function, our Customer Experience team has been fielding questions from business owners about how a physical time clock could possibly help their employees.

Business owners (and employees) everywhere love the mobility TSheets offers. But every business has different needs, and if you need a physical time clock that allows your employees to clock in, on site, Kiosk is the perfect solution.

With that, let’s get to your questions.


We love the mobility of TSheets time tracking. But what about a solution for our employees who need to clock in from a localized device? Does TSheets offer a physical time clock option?

Thanks for asking! We certainly do have a physical time clock station option, and our customers love it. Our TSheets Kiosk (check it out) is a convenient and simple alternative to the antiquated — often bulky — time tracking devices.

Kiosk can be installed on any computer or tablet with an internet connection, so there’s usually no need to buy an additional gadget to run it. And Kiosk allows employees to clock in at any common location using a four-digit PIN. Use Kiosk in conjunction with TSheets mobile time tracking or all on its own. And just like TSheets’ desktop and mobile app, time imports and features integrate with your favorite payroll and accounting software.

We love the convenience of our kiosk, located in the lobby of our Eagle, Idaho, headquarters.


Using the TSheets Kiosk sounds convenient and all, but how complicated is it to set up and use this feature?

The kiosk setup couldn’t be easier. Enable the TSheets Kiosk from your TSheets account, then head to the App Store or Google Play to download the Kiosk app to an iOS or Android device of your choice (many of our customers love using iPads and tablets for their kiosk). Enter the authorization code, and that’s it!

Let’s put it this way: On a scale of 1-60, with 60 being the most complicated (or taking up a full minute of your employee’s time) and one being a second of employee time, the kiosk is less than 12. That’s right: It takes less than 12 seconds to clock in and out using this feature. Employees type in that four-digit PIN and they’re ready to work right away. If an employee forgets their PIN, they may recover it themselves and get back to work.


But there are so many features in TSheets’ mobile time tracking that we love. What capabilities will be lost by using the kiosk?

The best part about all of this is that the TSheets Kiosk employs all the advanced time tracking capabilities you already know and love about TSheets! Your team can quickly and easily clock in, change job codes, or take a break right from the kiosk! They can track time against multiple projects or clients, add notes, and even submit their time at the end of the pay period.


I have employees working in at the office and employees working in the field. I love TSheets, but for my employees who are never mobile, I need a simpler way for them to clock in. I don’t want to deal with getting them on the mobile app when I don’t need to track their location.

In this case, you can easily setup a kiosk at a single location, and continue to let your employees in the field clock in from their mobile devices. Many businesses use both the kiosk and mobile features. For example, roofing companies might use the mobile app for employees who clock in at different job sites around town, whereas their admin team would clock in at the office kiosk.

It works for businesses with multiple and consistent sites, too. Take a dental practice with three different locations, for example. By setting up a kiosk at each location, employees can clock in and out as usual, eliminating the need for employees to clock in and out on their own devices.


No matter where your employees are clocking in and out, TSheets is the only time tracking solution you need.

It’s that simple.

If you’re interested  in turning any computer, tablet, or phone into a physical time clock, learn more about the TSheets Kiosk feature here.