3 Reasons You Need TSheets Mobile Scheduling in 2017


TSheets time tracking is an incredibly powerful tool. It has the ability to save small business owners up to 8 percent on gross payroll costs each year — just by eliminating employee time theft and curbing unnecessary overtime costs.

Its seamless integrations with powerful accounting and payroll tools like QuickBooks, Xero, and Gusto give accountants and bookkeepers everywhere the ability to run payroll in less than half the time it takes to manually collect time cards and enter data.

And it even has the ability to protect small business owners from costly FLSA lawsuits — simply by logging every second worked and storing those records for as long as they’re needed.

But just like that scene in “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen,” when two Decepticons join together to become the Devastator (a single, more robust machine), TSheets time tracking becomes even more powerful when it’s paired with TSheets scheduling.

Have you joined the employee scheduling revolution? We’ve got three reasons why you need TSheets scheduling in 2017!


1. You’ve got workers on the go and in the field.

Your employees need to be able to view and update their scheduled jobs no matter where they’re working. Fortunately, with TSheets scheduling, they can do it all directly from the TSheets app.

Workers can click on a scheduled job to view more details like notes and location. If they need to edit or delete a job, they can simply tap the “edit” button in the upper right-hand corner (as long as they have editing privileges) and make any needed changes.

Once changes are saved, the schedule will update automatically. And because both you and your workers can view the schedule (and any changes) in real time, you’ll always know exactly where they are and what jobs they’re working on.

If a job needs more time, no problem! Your workers can update the schedule and avoid double-booking.

If a job cancels, no big deal. Your workers can delete the job from their schedule, and you can fill it with a new assignment.

If a new job comes in, great! Update the schedule on your end, and your workers will automatically and immediately receive a text, email, or push notification alerting them to the change.

If a job is running long, you’ll know it. TSheets time tracking and scheduling work hand in hand. Set alerts to remind your workers when a job is about to start and get real-time notifications when a job runs long.

Plus, you get all the time tracking functionality you already love about TSheets — including job costing, accurate billing and invoicing, and payroll ease.


2. You work on the go and manage your own schedule.

Most importantly, you’re nowhere near a computer throughout the day. You need to be able to add, edit, and delete scheduled jobs on the go!

Enter TSheets mobile scheduling.

TSheets scheduling works wherever you do, whether you’re in the office or out in the field. Any changes you make are automatically synced to your TSheets account. And you can view those changes in real time from your desktop or mobile device.

So, when a new job comes in, and you’re nowhere near the office (or your computer), you can immediately add that job and all the details you need (including equipment and location). No more sticky-note reminders, and no more missed jobs.

Better yet, you can clock in to that job simply by clicking “clock in” from your schedule. The “clock in” button appears up to 15 minutes before your scheduled job. Within seconds (and with just one tap), you’re on the clock and ready to get to work.

If an emergency job comes in, no problem! With your schedule at your fingertips, you’ll never have to guess when you’ll have time to get there.

If a job reschedules, no big deal! Easily edit your schedule with just a few taps.

If you can’t quite keep the details straight, don’t worry! TSheets scheduling has your back. Track job codes, clients, equipment, locations, and more — all from your mobile schedule!

If you lose track of time, don’t panic. TSheets’ custom alerts can notify you when a new job is about to start or end — so you’ll always be right on schedule.

Once you’re on site and on the clock, TSheets’ accurate-to-the-second time tracking takes over. Studies show that people who use TSheets bill up to 20 percent more, just by charging clients for every second actually worked!


3. You’re nowhere near a computer, and you need to update the schedule ASAP.

Maybe you’re out on the sales floor and an employee unexpectedly calls in sick. You need to find someone to cover their scheduled shift fast … but you can’t get to a computer.

With TSheets scheduling, everything you need to get that shift covered is in your pocket.

Pull up the daily schedule on your TSheets app, find an available employee, and reassign the scheduled shift. TSheets automatically notifies employees via text, email, or push notification of important changes the moment you hit “publish.” Within seconds, the shift is covered, the employee is notified, and you’re back to work.

If you need to update the weekly schedule, no need to reprint. Your employees will automatically receive a notification alerting them to the update.

If you need to reassign a missed shift, it’s easy! Reassign, edit, or delete entire shifts directly from your mobile device.

If an employee forgets to clock in, you’ll know it. TSheets can alert both you and your employee if they forget to clock in or out of a designated shift. Bonus: This helps curb overtime costs!

If you need to crunch numbers, TSheets can help. Run the “Scheduled vs. Worked” report to see how many hours your employees were scheduled to work vs. how many hours they actually put in.

No matter where or how you need to create or edit your weekly schedule, TSheets scheduling makes it easy. Whether you’re in the office or on the go, TSheets scheduling is your employee and job management solution. Add scheduling to your TSheets account for just $1!*

*Per user, when you pay annually.

Ready to test the power of TSheets time tracking + scheduling combined?

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