How to Throw a Summer Employee Appreciation Event (That Rocks!)


What do you get when a throng of TSheets employees descend on a golf course for their annual company golf tournament?

Well, when you throw in perfect weather and over-the-top costumes, you get one memorable afternoon of team-building — and some fierce competition.

Check out some of the best shots from the 2017 TSheets Golf Tournament and learn some creative ways to show employee appreciation this summer!

So, how did we swing that?

Thought you’d never ask!

As the company has grown, so have our employee appreciation events. The TSheets golf tournament has gone from a four-player, leisurely afternoon to a wild 200-employee tourney-slash-BBQ.

Over the years, TSheets has learned a lot about what works — and what doesn’t — and we’ve just about perfected the art of employee appreciation events.

But it wouldn’t be possible without a great deal of planning and cooperation from everyone.

Want to plan an employee appreciation party at the golf course this summer?

Here’s how we made ours a hole in one:

We Played Fair

For golf, we recommend taking a half day and playing nine holes of best ball, as it makes the game more fair for those who aren’t pro at swinging a club.

We Choose Our Teams Carefully

A few weeks prior to the tournament, we shared a spreadsheet on which everyone could rate their level of golfing ability from 1-5: 1 being “never been on a golf course” and 5 being “basically Tiger Woods.” We divided everyone into teams representing a range of ability levels, so the amateur golfers could learn from the more experienced ones. This is an especially good tactic for companies with more than 10 employees.

Pro Tip: If you have a larger company, build teams of employees from different departments, so everyone can mix and mingle with a wide range of colleagues.

We Got Creative

(Yeah, I won that.)

Never underestimate the power of these three words: “I can’t golf ” (false). To make a sport like golf exciting for everyone, it’s important that we got creative! Our teams dressed in costumes, but that’s just one way to create a laid-back atmosphere for your team. You can also create sweet trophies like this one:

… Or have those who’d rather not actively hit golf balls act as your designated photographers and social media pros. No matter what, the event should be all-inclusive, fair, and above all else, FUN.

Golf tournaments are one way for companies to show how much they appreciate their employees and build familiarity between departments. We found that even the employees who’d never once stepped foot on a golf course had a fantastic time.

If you can’t swing an all-company golf tournament this summer, apply our golf tips to any outdoor appreciation event, like a lawn-games tournament, disc golf, or even a team grill-off (because food).

No matter what you do this summer, don’t forget to show your employees some love and appreciation, and make it a day they’ll look forward to every year.