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We talk a lot about how TSheets is one of the best places to work because we really believe in the product and the talented team behind it.

But what do “TSheeters” tell friends and family when they ask …

“What’s it really like to work at TSheets?”

Here’s what a few of our employees had to say.

“I love working at TSheets because it is a place where you’re challenged every day to attempt and try new things. One of our core values is: ‘Healthy: Work really hard. Play really hard.’ and you see that come to life in how everyone contributes and works their butts off to create the best solution and experience for our customers. We also take the play portion of our core value very seriously. This is exhibited in our SVP of engineering examining the new lounge for motocross course difficulty.”

— Malcolm Jackson

“TSheets is an awesome place to be a product person. You’re surrounded by smart, eager devs, designers, and researchers who love ideas and collaboration. Experimentation is baked into the culture, and decisions are all about making the right call for the user. Transparency and honesty are the norms. It’s motivating to feel that what I do has a direct impact on helping small businesses thrive. Plus, grilling together on Take Your Steak to Work Day, mountain biking during lunch, or decompressing on the patio with beer after a long week isn’t half bad either.”

— Eve Lacivita

“A better question might be, what’s it like to look forward to work every day? TSheets’ culture makes it feel like you’re going to work with a bunch of your smartest and funniest friends. There are no politics and infighting, just a fantastic group of people wanting not only the best for our customers but for each other as well. We really are a unique experience.”

— Riley Zahm

“Working at TSheets is really best described as getting to build a kickass product with amazing people. Not only are these the people I love to work with, but they are also the same friends that I enjoy hanging out with after work hours.”

— Nate McIntyre

“TSheets has broken all expectations I had about jobs and working for a company for a long time. This is a company I get excited to work for. Not only because of the environment but the attitude they encourage. They encourage you to do all you can to help customers be successful. I’ve heard customers say it’s just a breath of fresh air to not hear us reading off scripts. I can be me. TSheets wants to invest in your success if you’re willing to invest in your own.”

—  Elaina Murphy

“TSheets is like no other place I have ever worked. I can come in and there are smiles all around. Everyone greets everyone else with a smile and a ‘good morning!’ TSheets is like a home away from home, where your co-workers become your friends and family and everyone is always there to help their teammates. And there is never any drama here — rare for ANY company! I love working at TSheets not just because I get to help customers but because I get to see and work with some great friends!”

— Sherissa Klimas

“Working at TSheets has been the best experience! It isn’t every day you find a career where you can truly be yourself in your day-to-day work. I love working alongside a bunch of badass people who share a common goal. We like to work really hard and play really hard here, and I love coming to work every day because of that!”

— Tiffani Pogue

Even our new hires feel at home!

“I’ve been working here for one week and I’ve absolutely loved every minute. I feel lucky to be working with such a talented and nice group of people!”

— Tonya Thompson

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By the way, if you’re not a local and the words “Eagle” and “Idaho” make you uneasy, you might need to read our Insider’s Guide. We love living and working in the Treasure Valley. Seriously, see for yourself!