TSheets + Namely: A Match Made in Software Heaven


TSheets is time tracking and scheduling your employees will love.
Namely is HR, payroll, and talent management your employees will love.

Notice any similarities?

We partnered with Namely because, like us, they love employees. And after months of working incredibly well alongside them in our own company (more on this further down the page), we decided to build a seamless integration, so our customers (that’s you!) could benefit from this partnership as well.

Here’s how it works:

  • Track accurate-to-the-second time in TSheets, and export that time to Namely in just a few clicks.
  • Shave hours of your payroll process — running payroll for your entire company takes just a few minutes with TSheets + Namely.
  • Save thousands of dollars each year, just by tracking accurate time with TSheets and running accurate payroll.
  • Quickly and easily make changes to employee benefits and compensation — with Namely, deductions are automatic.
  • Say goodbye to manual data entry and costly payroll mistakes!

More time on your hands and more money back in your bottom line?
Now that’s a perfect match.


TSheets + Namely: Love at First Sight

At TSheets, we’re all about tracking more accurate time for faster, more accurate payroll. But up until about a year ago, our own payroll process was, well, pretty painful.

We didn’t have a central HR software, so making changes to payroll, updating employee benefits, and changing employee compensation levels required a lot of manual paperwork.

“It was a lot of emails, a lot of paper, a lot of scans,” said TSheets’ SVP of Finance, Amy Bailey.

“A lot of follow-ups,” added Aly Thomson, TSheets’ Controller.

Needless to say, we weren’t exactly practicing what we preached. Before long, one thing was very, very clear: “It was time to automate,” Amy said.

But we play hard too. Learn more.

But when it came time to choose an HR and payroll software provider — one that would support our rapidly growing team (we went from 60 to 200 employees in less than two years) and help eliminate our paper processes and streamline payroll — we weren’t willing to partner with just anyone.

We needed a partner who would mesh with our unique (and sometimes unconventional) company culture. A culture that greets new hires with a can of PBR and encourages employees to play really hard.

Fortunately, that’s just what we found with Namely.

“We felt like we were on the same wavelength with Namely,” said Amy. Not only did their company values align with our own, but they single-handedly solved our painful payroll problems.

With Namely, our benefits deductions are all automatic, and salary changes are made in just a few clicks. No more manual paperwork, and no more clumsy paper trails.

TSheets + Namely: A match made in time tracking + payroll software heaven.