Why The Top Company Cultures Are Social Fiends


If you haven’t noticed, we LOVE social media. What’s not to love?

With so many company events …

Once-in-a-lifetime photo opps …

And good old-fashioned #goofiness …

… We simply can’t resist an opportunity to share the fun with our followers and colleagues.

Our most recent #CoolerThanYourJob contest was the most popular TSheets social media contest to date, bringing in tons of awesome photos, reigniting the hashtag use among our team, and giving our social network the chance to share their companies are doing to remain SO cool. Even now that the contest is over, people are still using the hashtag to share their incredible company photos on social media. Thank you to everyone who participated and especially those of you who interacted with us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. We look forward to sharing more good times with you in the months to come!

Our dedication to social media is one of the biggest lessons we’ve learned as we reflect on becoming one of the nation’s top company cultures.

And for good reason.

Social media brings people together for fun and encouragement, highlights accomplishments, and calls attention to important community events.

Entrepreneur’s list of top company cultures is a telling one, and there are a ton to of ideas to glean and share. We found that when it comes to culture, we’re truly in great company. Our social media presence was just one commonality we shared with our fellow winners, but we found a lot more than that.

What makes certain company cultures stand out among the rest?

Check out TSheets CEO Matt Rissell’s most recent article on Forbes to find out!

(See you on social!)