The Secret To An Unbeatable Company Culture (According to Entrepreneur’s Top Company Cultures in America)


Number of ping-pong paddles in the building: 7
Number of kegs in the breakroom: 1
Number of Entrepreneur Top Company Culture awards won within the past two years: 2

That’s right, TSheets just landed at No. 4 on Entrepreneur’s list of 50 Best Large-Sized Company Cultures, granting us a “best company culture” award for the second year in a row.

(Us right now.)

But no one at TSheets, including our CEO, is under any illusion that a ping-pong table and a beer tap earned us that title.

“Many small business owners have the misconception that you can slap a ping-pong table and a keg in your breakroom and think you’ve established a ‘culture,’ but it’s not true,” says TSheets CEO Matt Rissell. “A winning company culture can’t be fabricated, it has to be embedded in the company’s DNA from the very start.”

We’re lucky to have a CEO who made company culture, customer experience, and happy employees a priority from the very beginning, but we’re not the only ones…

Check out this article by our friend Nina Zipkin at to learn more about the secret to a totally unbeatable company culture — and what the 15 best company cultures in America are doing right.


  1. Today I was serviced by a very sweet and caring TSheets representative. Her name is Sharissa. She appeared very dedicated to pleasing TSheets customers; made me feel right at home, very courteous, and most of all very pleasant on the phone. Sharissa answered all my questions expediently and satisfactorily. On a scale of 1-10, I rate Sharissa a definite 10. Thank you, TSheets. You are phenomenal!


    Myranda Mondry Reply:

    @Johnny Rivera, thank YOU! Sherissa is a total rock star, I’m glad to hear you had a great experience!


  2. […] in business partners as well. “I think the most important reason we went with TSheets was for the company culture I had seen Matt Rissell build,” she said. “It’s always been an inspiration and what I hope […]

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