Show, Don’t Tell, With Photo Attachment Feature


5 ways visual record-keeping increases productivity, employee empowerment, and remote management

The human memory is a fickle thing. Cognitive psychologist George A. Miller wrote that our short-term memory holds between five and seven items at one time, for 20 seconds each, before they are committed to our long-term memory banks.

But our brains will first encode the information to be recalled later, a process that has been shown to insert false details of events, making it somewhat unreliable.

No decision in business should be based on faulty memory and hearsay, especially when you’re committing precious resources. And since a picture is truly worth a thousand words, here are five ways TSheets’ new photo attachment feature can help improve and streamline your overall workflow.


1. Document projects to minimize guesswork

Construction projects typically require photographic documentation to track progress, delays, and costs as a way of visual record-keeping. Attaching photos to timesheet for jobs or projects ensures everyone is on the same page. And using the same visual reference points minimizes guesswork and confusion.

The feature also allows for note-taking, so you don’t have to rack your brain in trying to remember the purpose behind “IMG_1025.jpg”, minutes, hours, or days later. In three easy steps, you can snap or attach the images and captions, and save as needed.


2. Increase productivity on the job site

Data shows how construction workers can be unproductive for up to 50 percent of their time. They’re either waiting for materials to be delivered, issues to be resolved, or decisions to be made. Being able to address any on-site challenges and concerns promptly is crucial for allowing your team to do their best and boost their overall morale and sense of accomplishment.


3. Empower your mobile or remote workforce

Changes and mistakes are bound to happen. The difference lies in how you react to them. A well-documented workflow keeps your workforce informed on how to proceed when crises arise, especially if they’re a mobile or remote team.


4. Gain remote access to photos and greater visibility on projects

Since the feature is built into the TSheets app, the attached files are accessible from any smart device. Just as supervisors and managers can create schedules, monitor labor costs, or approve timesheets remotely using our app, they can now add another fold of information based on the team’s feedback and updates from anywhere.


5. Work from a centralized information hub

Information is a key asset to any organization. Automation allows businesses to collect more data, but without a centralized repository, a business risks duplication and mismanagement. You’re already tracking time, managing schedules, and processing payroll with TSheets. Now access crucial job site information and updates within the same ecosystem, from any smart device, anywhere. So snap, store, or share away!