Paper Still Has a Place in Time Tracking, But It’s Not Where You Think


At TSheets, we’re all about eliminating paperwork. We’ve eradicated archaic paper timecards, terminated printed schedules, and stamped out bulky filing cabinets. Some people say we’re paper’s greatest enemy, but it’s not really paper we’ve got a problem with … it’s paper processes.

In fact, we still think paper has a place in time tracking. And it’s stuck along the bottom edge of your computer monitor.

Allow me to explain: A few weeks ago, one of our Customer Experience rock stars, Monica, landed on a fateful phone call with one of our customers. The customer was preparing to leave TSheets for good, because she simply could not get her employees to remember to clock in and out each day.

Monica quickly covered the basics.

“Do your employees have clock in/out notifications turned on?” she asked.

“Yes,” replied the customer. “They just ignore them!”

“Have you reminded your employees that tracking time is your policy?” asked Monica.

“Yes!” replied the customer. “They just forget to do it.”

Monica wracked her brain for a solution. Her eyes fell to the row of sticky note reminders peppering the edges of her computer monitor and her desk.

“Try sticky notes,” she said. “Put a sticky note on your register reminding your employees to clock in when they get to work — see if that solves the problem.”

For a moment, Monica was met with silence. But then the customer said, “Why didn’t I think of that?!” The customer’s employees have been happily tracking time with TSheets ever since.

Her story was a good reminder for us that paper still has a place in time tracking — if only as a physical reminder to clock in and out.

Take a moment to think about how many digital notifications you receive on your phone each day. Between texts, phone calls, emails, app notifications, and push notifications, the answer is probably “a lot.”

It can be easy to disregard a TSheets notification to clock in without even reading what it was. It can be easy to delete a clock in reminder email without thinking twice. And it can be easy for a text to be lost or forgotten within a matter of minutes.

But a sticky note on your computer (break room door, keyboard — wherever you’ll see it!) stands out.

“And when it starts to fade away,” said Monica, “switch to a different color so it stands out again!”

See, we don’t hate paper, just paper processes.

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