What’s Being Built in Eagle’s Lakemoor Development?


If it seems like that giant, three-story building with the big, red T sprouted up in the Lakemoor commercial development overnight, you’re not alone — it feels that way to us too (and we’re IN the building).

Still not sure who we are or why that building is there? Get the scoop!

And if you’ve been wondering, “What else can we expect to see in that area?” Well, we’ve been wondering that ourselves. Here’s what we know:

There have been a lot of rumors surrounding a certain Trader named Joe.

These rumors have been spread primarily by our resident herbivore, Dave.


Unfortunately, this myth has already been busted. Hawkins Companies, Lakemoor’s commercial real estate developer, has confirmed that Trader Joe’s will not be opening a second location in Eagle. At least, not yet.

Yeah, we were bummed too.

If that’s not in the cards, what is?

Hawkins Companies is currently working on two “shop” buildings scheduled for completion by November 2017. Each shop building can hold eight tenants, for a total of 16 tenants. Most of those spaces have not yet been claimed. (So, if you’ve got a business, and you want to hang out with a bunch of TSheets employees, keep an eye out for future openings!)

However, we know for sure that a barre studio will occupy one of those spaces (I sense a lot of pliés in our future). And there’s definitely a building with a drive through at one end (we’re praying for coffee). As for the other spaces, Hawkins Companies predicts that we’ll see a few casual dining restaurants, coffee shops, and boutique stores.

Hawkins has also confirmed a “white tablecloth” restaurant going in across the pond from the TSheets building — potentially a nice steak house. (Jesse, our resident meat-eater, is super stoked.)


As for the Lakemoor development as a whole, expect more office buildings and a community-friendly, Village-at-Meridian-esque “quad,” complete with fountains, fire pits, and lounging areas.

Yeah. We think so too.

What are you hoping to see in the new Lakemoor commercial development?
Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Muriel says:

    Trader Joe’s or and REI. Would really make me jump for joy!

  2. Kathleen Drew says:

    Thank you for the update. As a resident of Mace River Ranch I do not feel as though you need continual updates for us, however they are welcomed. I do feel that you owe the residents of Lakemoor continual updates as this commercial development greatly impacts them. Communicatiom is the key!

  3. Sarah Barker says:

    We had heard a rumor of Barnes and Nobel and loved that idea. Book stores probably aren’t opening up new locations, but one can hope. Like the idea of a local cafe/coffee house.

  4. Laurel Jobe says:

    Thank You to the big Red T……You do tours there? I would like to see the operation. Used to work for Eagle Chamber so all the new businesses still interest me. I like the updates, keep them coming. Trader Joes and Costco rumors have been going on for many years!!

  5. Inger says:

    Core Power Yoga!

  6. a says:

    Nordstrom…Sundance…Soft Surroundings would be welcome as Bridgeport in Portland! High quality boutiques, please.

  7. Excited to be your neighbor! At barre3 we may not plié everyday but we can promise you a heart pumping, mind-centering time every. single. class. ?



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