An Open Letter From Matt Rissell


An open letter to TSheets Family and Friends – and every startup out there who’s swinging for the fence.

Today marks a significant milestone for all of us: TSheets has signed a definitive agreement to be acquired by Intuit, one of Silicon Valley’s most prominent tech companies and one of the most successful small business software companies ever to exist on the planet. But wait, that sounds so formal… I think the headline should read: “@Intuit sent @TSheets a tweet that said, check the box if you ❤ me” and @MattRissell replied, “Yes.” :)

Some people say work hard enough to where your idols become your competitors. I say work hard enough to where your idols become your teammates. I could not be more excited about what joining Intuit will mean for our customers, employees, and partners, and together, the potential to help millions of small businesses around the globe.

To our valued customers: TSheets and QuickBooks are already like peanut butter and jelly — and the recipes coming together will only mean great things for you. Similar to Intuit, TSheets has built an amazing product, created a strong company culture, and most importantly built a reputation on outstanding customer support. TSheets and Intuit share an obsessive customer-centric vision. Together, we will provide better tools to run your businesses and make your lives easier.

To our TSheets employees: A new chapter of our journey has just begun. Our team of 260 rock stars — who have made TSheets what it is today — will unite with 8,000 like-minded and brilliant individuals who share the same passion to innovate and deliver excellence. Our mission to help small businesses succeed will continue, and we’re going to do it together from right here in Eagle, Idaho.

To our accounting partners and friends: We will transition from 16,000 Accounting Partners who get to use TSheets for free, to be available to over 600,000! We are excited for what this means for your businesses and your clients as you continue to champion their cause and provide them with the real business insights they need to thrive.

To our partners: TSheets will remain an open platform by maintaining and building partnerships with other best-of-breed solutions. We believe that together with Intuit we will accelerate our ability to deliver seamless end-to-end experiences for the customers we mutually serve.

To our Treasure Valley Community: We’re proud of our roots and to call Eagle, Idaho our home. Once we’re an Intuit company, we will continue to be a part of — and invest in — our local economy, adding jobs and continuing our community involvement.

People have asked me if this is what I have always dreamed of, and this may surprise you… my answer is no. While I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity this provides my team, my company, and my family, it is still only a milestone. The TSheets Team will just be getting warmed up when we become a part of Intuit!

After this deal is closed, rest assured, I’m not going anywhere! I love to build companies and teams that accomplish the un-accomplishable. I’m fortunate and humbled to continue growing TSheets as part of Intuit, led by CEO, Brad Smith, a friend and mentor, with the Small Business Self-Employed team who pour their heart into their mission of supporting those who dare to dream.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to my family, co-founder, teammates, partners, friends, shareholders, and avid supporters.

Here’s to just getting started,

Matt Rissell


  1. Jeff Harvey says:

    What a milestone for such a great person and company. You dared to dream and made a significant impact on this world and individual lives. Congratulations Matt!

  2. Karen Hall says:

    Matt, I congratulate you first on your innovation and determination and secondly on developing a great company with excellent customer service. Unfortunately I feel less than excited about Intuit purchasing TSheets. As a long time consumer of Intuit products I can honestly say that their customer service doesn’t even start to compare with TSheets — UNLESS — you pay a hefty fee OR spend hours in training. It was so comforting to be able to call TSheets for anything and know that the call would be answered by someone in the United States that didn’t have to read through a script but actually carried on a knowledgeable conversation while solving any issues. I am very fearful that in order for Intuit to continue to increase their bottom line they will outsource the customer service for TSheets and we will lose the joy of what we know have with TSheets. Maybe we’ll be lucky enough that Intuit will follow your model — we could only be so lucky as that would be a win-win for all.

    • Myranda Mondry says:

      @Karen Hall, have no fear! Our customer experience team isn’t going anywhere :)

    • Nikeita Passley says:

      @Karen Hall,
      I’m with Karen on this one. I am very happy about the acquisition from a TSheets perspective in that an offer was made and it appeared to be a great deal. I am very upset about the acquisition coming from Intuit as I’ve been a long time business and accountant user of QuickBooks and the customer service (read lack thereof) provided by Intuit leaves ALOT to be desired and not in a good way. I am sorry to say this but I will start to begin the search for a new time tracking software when/if the product becomes as problematic as QBO/Intuit products are known to be.

  3. Diana D. says:

    Chalk up another ecstatically happy TSheets customer who is *very* worried that Intuit is your new partner. If I had to pick the best and worst customer service experiences in my life right now, TSheets is the hands-down winner, and Intuit is in the basement. It is too much to dream that a 260-person company can teach the Intuit gorilla some new tricks??

    Either way, I hope you are able to use this deal to reward your employees for having built an amazing culture of caring about the customer. TSheets made me believe that tech companies can actually support people instead of outsourcing and automating them out of the equation, and I hope that spirit of caring continues long after the ink is dry.

    • Myranda Mondry says:

      @Diana D., we love that you love TSheets! Believe you me, our customer experience team isn’t going anywhere! We will continue to offer the 5-star service and customer care you’ve come to expect from us :) It’s our mission to help businesses everywhere succeed — always has been, always will be!

  4. James Merrill says:

    Congratulations on the purchase. I wish it was with another company. As others have mentioned, Intuit has poor customer relations. As a result, I am fearful for the future going forward once the “cutover” is completed. I love TSheets, but I am afraid that I will have to find another solution for this in the near future.

    • Myranda Mondry says:

      @James Merrill, don’t worry — we will continue to offer the same 5-star customer service and support you’ve come to know and love from TSheets! We hope we’ll never give you any reason to leave <3

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  6. Brett says:

    Hands down T-Sheets has one of the best customer service teams I’ve had the pleasure to work with. Thankfully, so does Intuit. I’m looking forward to working with both!

  7. Mark Sockness says:

    I have usually had great experiences with Intuit. I know that it is sometimes difficult when there are so many tech support people. It is frustrating to have to explain the issue over and over again depending on who you get next. Now, I have one point of contact for ALL issues and it is working wonderfully!!

    I am very excited that Intuit purchased TSheets!! With the resources Intuit has available, TSheets will thrive. I hope TSheets will be able to integrate better with QuickBooks. (Although, it works really well now.) Since we do almost all job costing and project management, it will be great to see a tight integration with work orders (i.e. with Intuit Field Service Management). The possibilities are endless! Congrats TSheets!!!!!! :-)

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  9. Doug Engler says:

    Ironically, I found you after a decade of running my small business with into it products and services when I was starting up one of my most recent companies. We specifically wanted someone who was not under the Intuit umbrella, having Suffered through using their tragically broken products and services for the last 10 years. As others have mentioned Intuit’s support is at their best, inadequate and at the worst times. incompetent Is there mostly based overseas and have never used the product, much less when their lives depend upon it.

    Your product will slowly stagnate as the crushing weight of the corporate overlords prevent you from any innovation, I am sure that you have already lost the most competent members of your development team, as happens with any software acquisition, and I am confident then when your contractual time to remain, what is it one year? When that Is over, you too will leave the team, Thumbing your stacks of money while our customers feel the Intuit thumbscrews. They will also increase your pricing model, even though they can actually afford to take less than you could as a small business, they will crush the morale of the few remaining team members.

    I think it is a disgrace that you have sold out.

    Our search for a new provider begins immediately.

    • Myranda Mondry says:

      @Doug Engler, thank you for voicing your concerns and for your transparency — our company thrives on it! We are truly excited about our two companies coming together and the benefits that will be extended to everyone — from our employees, to our customers, and to their employees! We look forward to continuing to operate and grow our TSheets team (including our five-star, award-winning customer service team) from right here in Eagle, Idaho. Each day, we’re excited to walk through the TSheets doors and see the entire development team continuing to build world-class products and taking the tech world by storm. And we’re proud that Matt’s leadership of TSheets has been and will continue to be second to none. We couldn’t be more excited about the future — there will no doubt be some bumps in the road as there always are when you’re innovating and growing at lightning speed — and we hope you choose to continue on this journey with us!

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