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How going paperless liberated this bookkeeping practice

How one business evolved into a “firm of the future.” Read it now!

October is Canada’s Women’s History Month. It’s a time to celebrate and recognize the achievements of trailblazing women who have shaped our country, community and way of life. This year’s theme is “Make Your Mark”, which definitely rings true for all the women who found their voice, pursued their passion and claimed their place in history in the past 150 years.

So join us as we feature some of the inspirational women who are part of the TSheetsPRO community, our 15,000-strong network of successful, innovative and inspiring accountants and bookkeepers. This is our way of honouring them for being the amazing entrepreneurs, leaders, advisors and visionaries they are.


Paper, a constant source of anxiety

When Jennie Moore prepared for her session at this year’s IPBC Ignite in Toronto, she had a clear purpose in mind. As the founder of Moore Details Bookkeeping, she has been an industry influencer and pioneer in the adoption and promotion of virtual bookkeeping for the past decade.

She would, of course, be speaking from experience. Jennie’s professional relationship with paper never quite took off. In fact, it only deteriorated over time and threatened to doom all that she had worked so hard to achieve.

“I was so busy having a relationship with my clients’ papers, I wasn’t able to build a relationship with them,” she said.

But fret not! Since then, this Ontario practice has welcomed many milestones, with plenty of success to show for it. This year, Moore Details was nominated for Ontario College’s Premier Award, among other awards. And Jennie was named among the Top 50 Women of Influence.

Today, Jennie writes about her journey evolving her business for the Intuit Trainer Writer Network. And she speaks at various events, from the annual Institute of Professional Bookkeepers of Canada Conference to the prestigious Intuit #QBConnect Conference and the Intuit Mentoring Program.

In this TSheetsPRO feature, Jennie tells us how you too can liberate your business from the paper chain.


Paperwork can be dangerous

TSheets: Let’s start at the beginning. How did you become an entrepreneur?

Jennie: It was just time. The corporate life had outstayed its welcome, and I was expecting my first child. I knew I had to change the way I worked so I could stay at home and spend quality time with my family. It was about creating my own future and staying close to my children.

What was the biggest hurdle for Moore Details when it started?

Our biggest hurdle was our traditional workflow of managing paper and not being able to provide real-time feedback to our clients. It was really starting to get on my nerves to the point that I wanted to sell my practice because it was taking up so much time and energy from what I really wanted to do.

How did you overcome this?

When cloud technology gave way to QuickBooks Online, I just knew it was the way of the future. Sure, there was a learning curve. But we were soon surfing the cloud and working with so many amazing apps and businesses that were visionaries like us!

Why do you think so many businesses are still reluctant to move to the cloud?

We all fear the unknown. Coupled with being in one’s comfort zone, even when it’s time-consuming and ineffective, it can be a dangerous state for a business. But it’s also a decision that every business owner must make. I can talk all day about the benefits of going paperless, but until my client is ready, there’s only so much I can do.

Was there any initial resistance at your own practice?

For us, the fear of managing paper with three young kids in the house pushed us to look for solutions and become more environmentally friendly at the same time! Something must change when you never know if your toddler is going to find your client’s paperwork and use it for colouring, crafts or worse! That was the motivator for us. And we’re the better for it.


Build relationships and the business will follow suit

One of Moore Details’ specializations is working with start-ups. Jennie understands how a new business may not yet have the funds for a monthly bookkeeper but still needs to put a system in place. Jennie helps small business owners learn the basics to get up and running, so they can focus their energy and passion on growing the business instead.

What makes Moore Details stand out from others?

We build relationships. Our clients trust us with their life’s work. They are including us in their professional and often personal journey. We never take that for granted and it shows.

What have you observed to be the main factor of failure for a business?

To me, it’s when businesses stop listening to their clients. Our referrals come from individuals who are not heard from their accounting professional. They may have come to us for our services in the beginning, but they stay for the relationships. This goes back to my earlier points. We build relationships with our clients, instead of their paperwork.


Other lessons, tips and great advice

What has been your greatest regret as an entrepreneur?

Not hiring an assistant sooner! Tamara Riddell is my lifeline and time guardian. I think it’s so important to get this message out there. There is nothing wrong with asking and seeking help. No one has to do it all. Tamara has made such a difference in my personal and professional life. Thank you, Tamara!

What is your advice for fellow entrepreneurs?

Plan, plan and plan. When you think you’re done, repeat. But don’t be afraid to fail because each failure is a learning checkpoint. Instead, learn to fail with grace.

What do you think is the No. 1 one myth on entrepreneurship?

It irks me when entrepreneurs are labelled as being lucky when they succeed. There is no luck in entrepreneurship. Success is built on persistence, passion and the ability to be approachable to have an amazing network of talent. That doesn’t sound like luck to me. It sounds like a lot of hard work that pays off.

What do you deem to be your greatest achievement so far?

I have successfully created an international, cloud-based firm from my country home, where I can remain close to my family while growing a virtual team. It’s rather epic to get off a virtual Zoom call with someone in California, then duck out to get the kids off the school bus in rural Ontario, Canada.

How did you decide on TSheets for your time tracking needs?

Well, that’s easy. Paper time cards sucked! Receiving emails or texts about clock in and clock out information sucked too! TSheets was a logical decision. And can we say we love the recent integration with Wagepoint!

What do you do to recharge?

Meditation and yoga do wonders for me. When all else fails, I grab a glass of wine!

What is your favourite book on entrepreneurship?

“8 Traits Successful People Have in Common” by Richard St. John.

Tell us something about yourself few people know!

I don’t like avocados. Other than that, I’m an open book!


Never fear the unknown

It is said the oldest type of fear is fear of the unknown. This definitely seems to be true for many bookkeepers when it comes to technology. But for Jennie Moore and her team, they have long ago overcome and emerged victorious from it. In fact, they are ever ready to embrace and leverage all the benefits it has to offer. For in place of fear, Jennie now knows the truth:

“Technology changes a bookkeeper’s workflow for the better, but it will never replace or change a bookkeeper’s purpose.”


Be sure to check back next week as we continue to celebrate Canada’s female entrepreneurs!
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