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If you missed our livestream webinar on Security Tips for Working in the Cloud, don’t worry! This Friday, November 10, you’ll have a second chance to watch this webinar from start to finish!

Join TSheets senior software engineers Paul Kreiner and Jared Cheney, and our special guest, Byron Patrick, CPA and managing director of Network Alliance, as they explore ways to protect your firm’s data, spot red flags, and implement data security best practices.  

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  • Password protection and resources
  • Signs for identifying phishing scams
  • Knowing what questions you should be asking to protect your valuable information

Did you know the majority of people use nothing but memory to recall their passwords? Chances are, if you’re one of these folks, you’re relying on simple, easily broken passwords, like pet names or favorite sports teams. Of course, complex passwords kept on a master spreadsheet are hardly more secure!

In this webinar, attendees will hear about a variety of password management resources that can help protect against brute force or password profiling tools. Learn about strategies like dual identification and alternative authentication methods. Keep your information secure and your business safe!

Along those same lines, Patrick’s lessons for attendees regarding phishing scams are sure to leave you both wary and informed! After all, 1 in 131 emails is a scam trying to steal your information. Know what to look for, including altered URLs, spelling mistakes, and inconsistencies in tone. If you’re ever in possession of an urgent email asking you for money, you’ll want these tips to help you figure out if the request is legitimate.

Finally, Patrick leaves webinar attendees with a valuable list of questions, designed to help you evaluate online security services. Depending on the type of sensitive data you store, how you file credit card information, where your data is stored geographically, and more, you could need a more sophisticated solution.

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