TSheets + QBO: We <3 Small Businesses


Adding QBO Essentials to Our Arsenal of Game-Changing Integrations

TSheets was once a small company with a handful of employees. As a business built on innovation and technology, we understood very early on the need for a robust toolbox that could accommodate employees and business owners working in a changing world.

Over the last decade, we’ve grown a lot, and we’ve developed vital relationships with some of the most respected names in the accounting profession, the payroll sphere, and the small business arena. And we are always looking for new ways to leverage our relationships to make the lives of employees and business owners everywhere easier.

QuickBooks is one of the accounting tools our customers love most. And having the opportunity to combine the powerful bookkeeping capabilities of QuickBooks with the mobile and accurate time tracking features of TSheets has been a lifeline for thousands of users who were spending way too much time running payroll.

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So to add to our arsenal of QuickBooks integrations, we are now integrated with QuickBooks Online Essentials. For small businesses without inventory to account for, QBO Essentials is, well, essential.

Along with the ability to perform bookkeeping tasks and provide remote access for up to three users, QBO Essentials now includes access to TSheets’ Weekly Timesheet or Single Time Entry functions. Inside QBO Essentials you can enter, review, and approve employee time with TSheets!

With TSheets directly inside QuickBooks Online (and now available in QuickBooks Essentials), small business accounting has never looked so good.

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