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Mark Wickersham brings tech stacking tips to QBC 2017

If you’re attending this year’s QuickBooks Connect and looking to tech stack like never before, one speaker you won’t want to miss is Mark Wickersham. Haven’t decided if this event is even for you? Good news! There’s still time to check out the agenda and speakers and grab your ticket!

If you’ve never heard the term “tech stacking”(or “technology stacking”), the gist is this: It’s when you combine technology, like apps or software, to create a seamless, full-service solution that fits your needs. For instance, here at TSheets, we integrate with several apps to bring our time tracking software to the masses.

That’s why, whether your company uses QuickBooks, Xero, ADP, or Gusto, you’re able to track, edit, and manage time with TSheets. Factor in add-ons like Expensify and Namely, and you’ve got a web (or stack) of technology that not only tracks time, but handles payroll expenses, human resources, and more!

Where does Mark Wickersham come in? Attend this year’s QuickBooks Connect event and he’ll show you how you can use tech stacking to bring a new level of value to your clients, find out how to quantify that value into a well-deserved price, and more! Plus, he’s throwing in his resources for free.

Check out Mark’s teaser video here, and sign up to attend his session at QuickBooks Connect!

Tech stack with March Wickersham at QBC 2017.

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