TSheets Launches New Employee Scheduling Software


It’s official. The masterminds at TSheets have outsmarted Einstein.

They have broken the speed of light.


Not with particle physics (which no one understands at all) but a massive new force in the TSheets time tracking revolution.

It’s called TSheets Scheduling.

For the first time in history, TSheets is combining the power of its time tracking software with a scheduling app that connects the dots between what’s just happened in your business and what’s about to happen.

That’s pretty cool, right? It’s like time travel!

TSheets’ new employee scheduling software creates the perfect sync between the shifts you plan and the hours your employees work—converting your weekly schedules into accurate-to-the-second timesheets that can be synched with your favorite payroll software.

Shift scheduling

Excel can’t keep up! Creating shift schedules should take seconds, not all day. Now you can just drag and drop, hit “publish,” and everyone is good to go.

Job scheduling

When your job schedule changes by the hour, you need an app that will break the laws of physics for you. Pretty soon, you’ll be showing up to emergency call-outs before your client’s even hung up the phone!

It’s powerful stuff.

The scientists at CERN and NASA are yet to respond but early reports from the event horizon indicate it’s a welcome expansion to the TSheets frontier.

“This is an amazing solution,” says Andrew Walsh, owner of Terra Dura Landscaping. “It’s a big step up for my company when it comes to scheduling and time tracking.”


Time travel might sound like an expensive proposition, but don’t be fooled. TSheets’ new scheduling app costs just an additional $1 per user each month with an annual subscription.

No more spreadsheets. No more email attachments. No more calendars to sync up. No more last-minute panic. Just every timesheet, shift pattern, and job schedule you ever need in one place, wherever you go. Total integration. Seamless organization. Everyone, everywhere on the same page.

Now that’s a powerful employee scheduling solution.


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