If There’s One Chrome App You Download Today, Make It This One


Roll over Apple, there’s a new kid in town.


Google now offers more apps than even the Apple App Store—where it all began—and as of today there’s one more, because TSheets has just released its very own Chrome app!

TSheets Chrome

Like all good apps, it’s all about convenience. It gives you another super simple way to track your time from any computer or laptop. With the mighty ‘T’ pinned to your dock or your start menu, TSheets is ready to spring into action whenever you need us.

The new Chrome app works just like a pop-out time card—handy if you ever need to tuck it away in the corner of your screen for instant access, or if you want to skip the TSheets dashboard next time you want to track your time. Use it to clock in and clock out, switch jobs, or edit time cards.

The Chrome App is just the latest in a long line of time tracking innovations that TSheets has pioneered. Back in 2008, when apps were still in their infancy—and Google Chrome was still to be unveiled—TSheets launched the very first time mobile tracking app for iPhone. Our mobile app for Android phones came five years later in 2013. And today, with the launch of our new Chrome App, there are now no less than nine ways to track your time with TSheets, alongside our Crew App, text messaging, dial in, Twitter, and TSheets Touch.

TSheets’ Chrome App promises to be a big time and energy saver for anyone who wants to track their time as simply and flexibly as possible. You can choose which job you’re working on, or which client you’re working for today, and even edit your time cards.

Read to give it a go?

Download TSheets’ new Google Chrome app for free today.


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