Top Tips From The Best Places To Work In Idaho


“We are one of the best places to work in Idaho.”

It’s a sentiment several Idaho companies can now back up with an actual award.

On Thursday, April 14th, 2016, 30 Idaho companies (10 micro, 10 small, and 10 large) were presented with a “Best Places to Work in Idaho” certification (and a trophy to go along with it) — and TSheets is excited to announce that we’ve made the top of the list for the second year running!

Really, really excited.

Really, really excited.

If you want to know what makes TSheets such a great place to work, check out our careers page — but if you’re wondering, “What sets these companies apart from the rest?” Don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

We asked the winners of the Best Places to Work in Idaho award, “What makes your company the best place to work?” Here’s what we found out.

1. Work really hard, play really hard

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy — but it also makes your company a pretty dull place to work. If you’re among the dwindling number of business owners who still think “playing” at work is a waste of time and money, think again. Studies show that encouraging employee playtime (yep, during working hours) encourages creativity, collaboration, and camaraderie. The result is a less stressful work environment, a motivated team, and yes, a bigger bottom line. How? It’s simple: Employees who are encouraged to work hard and play hard at the same time feel happier at work, and happy employees result in happy customers.

Take it from the Best Places to Work in Idaho:


“We are passionate about offering great service, and we take our work for our clients seriously. But we also make sure that we don’t take ourselves too seriously–we make it a priority to nurture teamwork and a sense of fun.”

“When our company adopted a new logo, the Boise office immediately embraced it and celebrated with temporary tattoos.”

“When our company adopted a new logo, the Boise office immediately embraced it and celebrated with temporary tattoos.”


“T-Mobile is a place where you work hard, but are encouraged to play even harder, and that hard work garners some serious perks! Where else can you go to work and enjoy so much recognition with glow parties, lip sync battles, and 80’s rock star celebrations? We focus on letting our employees be who they are, every day!”



“One of my favorite things as an employer is providing a work environment that my employees love to come to. I know that when they are happy, it’s better for our company and our customers.”

Corey Smith, Founder


2. Focus on employee engagement

Companies with high employee engagement outperform companies with low employee engagement by more than 200 percent. That’s right — they see more than twice the amount of revenue. Why? Another easy answer: Engaged employees simply care more about the company they work for — which means they care more about doing a great job and going the extra mile. Check out this handy infographic for more information.

Still not convinced? Keep this in mind: Employee engagement is especially important when you take into consideration that Millennials are currently the largest generation in the labor force — and they value employee engagement above all else. Millennials (and all employees, really) want to feel like their work can change the world — they want to feel pride in their company. When that happens, there’s no limit to what they can (and will) do to see it succeed.

Take it from the Best Places to Work in Idaho:


“It’s not unusual to find one team member dissecting a tablet while another is printing something in 3D, just to find out how it works. It’s how our team works, we let each other’s talents and passions run free. It’s these passions that define us and what we bring to our clients.”



“Ataraxis has a mission: to grow people. Our collaborative and passionate atmosphere allows our team to create and instill that passion in everyone we interact with. This is the Ataraxis journey.”

“At our most recent client appreciation event, we rented out a movie theater to screen the new Star Wars movie--we had a fantastic and fun photo shoot with Jedis and Templar Knights! (AKA the Ataraxis staff).”

“At our most recent client appreciation event, we rented out a movie theater to screen the new Star Wars movie–we had a fantastic and fun photo shoot with Jedis and Templar Knights! (AKA the Ataraxis staff).”


“VRA is one of the best places to work because you’re surrounded by a positive, action-oriented team who believes in continued growth–both personal and professional.”

Cheryl Lantz, CEO

Vacation Rental Authority2 Vacation Rental Authority

logo (1)1

“The In Time Tec employees actively participate in creating a shared vision where the employees achieve their own dreams through the company’s dream. It’s a place where everyone experiences freedom, choice, and fun at a moment after moment basis.”

Jeet Kumar, CEO


3. Encourage employee camaraderie

Studies show that working alone (or being quarantined to a cubicle) hinders problem solving and makes it increasingly difficult for an employee to see or understand how their role contributes to the bigger picture. When that happens, the employee tends to disengage from both their job and the company — leading to increased employee turnover and a stressful environment.

On the other hand, companies that encourage employee camaraderie see lower stress, better communication among teams and coworkers, and higher employee engagement. But it doesn’t stop there, employees who feel like they have genuine friendships or connections at work tend to have stronger immune systems, enhanced cognitive functions (things like reasoning and memory), and even longer lifespans.

Take it from the Best Places to Work in Idaho:


“What really sets ICCU apart from other businesses is our people and how much we care about each other.”

-Kaelynn Bennett, Member Service Specialist

Idaho Central Credit Union


“CBH Homes truly, head over heels, would take a bullet for you, LOVES its people. When we do that, everything else follows.”

CBH Homes

4. Healthy employees are happy employees

… in this case, the heading says it all. Healthy employees statistically have 25 percent (or more!) higher job performance than their less-healthy counterparts, feel more engaged at work, and experience a higher quality of life — but there’s plenty of benefits for the employer as well. Healthy employees simply cost less. They have lower healthcare costs, they take fewer sick days, and they’re overall more productive.

Don’t worry, it doesn’t take a full-fledged gym membership or daily push-up competition to create a healthy workplace (although it definitely doesn’t hurt). Studies show that you can see up to 10 percent higher engagement from your employees just by offering healthier snacks in the breakroom.

Take it from the Best Places to Work in Idaho:


“Post Insurance is a small business with a large feel; providing a flexible work environment, while promoting work excellence and quality of life.”

Terry Rob, President


“We love our company who cares about everyone’s health.”

“FitBits for all! Challenges accepted!”

“FitBits for all! Challenges accepted!”

5. Give back to the community

Community involvement is important for a few reasons: It helps your company build valuable local relationships (that could result in some great networking opportunities later on down the line), it shows your customers just how much you care, and it creates an overwhelming feeling of trust and loyalty in your brand.

But it has some serious in-house benefits too. Volunteering within the community is known to increase employee engagement by putting each and every employee in a leadership position. When employees are given the opportunity to lead the charge (in this case, by participating in a community project), employers are likely to see increased productivity and performance at work. Everyone wins!

Take it from the Best Places to Work in Idaho:


“What’s great about Oliver Russell is that the firm is deeply committed to both its staff and the community at large. Employees enjoy excellent benefits, and a fun and relaxed work environment. Going out the broader community, the firm gives back in the form of volunteer time, grants to purpose-driven organizations and individuals, and donations of agency time to worthy causes.”

Oliver Russell


“We’re working to build not only amazing software and careers but lives. There is no better place and people to do it with than in Boise.”

Jody Sedrick, CEO


6. Walk the walk

Of course, none of this matters if you don’t practice what you preach. It’s one thing to talk about developing a great company culture, but another thing entirely to take action. The Best Places to Work in Idaho know that you don’t get to the top of the list unless you’re willing to talk the talk AND walk the walk.

Take it from the Best Places to Work in Idaho:


“We sincerely believe we are in a remarkable position as a business. When you take a step back and look at it, we are capable of revolutionizing our industry, impacting our community, making our clients’ businesses great, and changing lives of our employees all at the same time. I don’t know of too many businesses that can say that and then actually back it up with actions.”

Nick Massoth, General Manager

1TSheets Logo With Heart

“TSheets is the Best Place to Work in Idaho because we really stand behind our core values.”

Jessica Knuth, Rock Star


“We truly work really hard AND play really hard. A lot of business tout this type of stuff, but here we work our asses off, and follow that up with beer, ping pong, and push ups.”

Kim Mora, Badass

“TSheets is the best place to work because I get to work with smart, driven people on problems that make a difference to the bottom line of small-business owners.”

Jared Cheney, Superhero


11“Our tagline is “We <3 Employees.” That means we love our own employees right here at TSheets just as much as we love the employees who use TSheets. I want every single person here to be able to say, ‘I’m doing the best work of my life.’ If you ask me, we have the best team in all of Idaho … and easily on the entire planet.”

Matt Rissell, CEO


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