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When I was interviewing for a position at TSheets, I met with CEO, Matt Rissell. At the end of our chat, he asked if I had any questions. Having done my research–and having seen the PBR all over TSheets’ blog and website, one of the questions I asked was,

“Why did you choose PBR for your core values?”

I expected a funny answer about how he liked a cold one as much as the next guy, or that he thought it would be a funny way encourage employees to give the company’s core values a second glance.

I was wrong. Instead, I got a heartfelt answer about how Matt had, in the early days of TSheets, spent months thinking about how to put into words the values he wanted anyone who worked for him to exemplify. He wrote draft after draft, making sure every word pulled its weight and encompassed the qualities, attitude, and work ethic anyone who became part of the TSheets team would need to deliver the type of service and work he wanted his customers to experience.

When he had the language just right, he noticed that the initial letters matched up with the letters down the side of a can of PBR. Fate had spoken.

When I heard this story, it started to become clear what kind of CEO Matt was. And what kind of company I’d be working for. And over the past year, it’s become even clearer that walking the walk is as important as talking the talk when it comes to the TSheets core values.

Not to say that talking the talk isn’t important too. As each new employee at TSheets is told: Know the PBR by heart, or be prepared to do pushups. But when it comes down to it, everyone just does the pushups for fun. Because during the year I’ve been here, I haven’t seen one person mess it up. They even include punctuation. Why? Because one of the first things impressed upon you as a new hire at TSheets is the importance of those words.

So, it might be a can of beer. And that might seem odd at first glance. But there’s a lot of hard work and love and loyalty in that fizzy brew. Our eccentric core values are a little like our company itself. We know how to have fun and let our hair down. We have a blast together, and we love to play. But we also work really, really hard (that’s part of the core values, by the way).

For all these reasons and more, we’d like to give you an up-close and personal introduction to each of the values in the PBR in a blog series. The PBR goes like this:


And without further ado, we’ll start at the top with T.


This one is first for a reason. It’s really important. Mobile technology is the actual product we offer our customers. Meaning, it’s critical that our time tracking software isn’t technology customers like. Or technology customers find maddening but tolerate because it’s useful.

At TSheets, our #1 goal is to create technology our customers LOVE.

It’s why customer feedback is so important to us. If you’re feeling lukewarm about a new feature, or it’s a “let’s just be friends” situation, we wholeheartedly embrace the “It’s not you, it’s us” philosophy. What would make your experience better?

We’re all ears. Always.

At TSheets, our goal is to build time tracking and scheduling software that works for you. Technology you love so much you’re likely to give TSheets a five-star review for the fact that we’ve surprised and delighted you with how much easier it is to run payroll, schedule a shift, or keep track of your mobile employees. Technology that makes your life as an administrator or business owner or employee better, more organized, and even more fun.

Here’s what a few of our customers have to say:

“TSheets is AMAZING! Our company absolutely could not live without this phenomenal time tracking tool! WHY? Because our employees LOVE IT… Which means they actually USE IT!”

David Birchmier, MPA Computers


“TSheets has made tracking time unbelievably easy for me. The customer support team is awesome! Vanilla Ice style, you gotta problem? Yo, they’ll solve it.”

Wahini Orli

“Best APP EVER! I LOVE THIS APP! It has made time tracking easy and efficient. I 150% recommended this app to others! Well worth it!”

Cutting Edge


“TSheets free technical support is the best in the IT industry without exception. I pay hundreds (sometime thousands) of dollars to other software companies for support, and they can’t compare to TSheets. Real people actually answer the phone. You get to speak to someone who actually knows the software in under a minute. They have always provided me with a solution to my questions without fail.”

Doug Sabra, Florida Lifts

When was the last time you heard someone get that excited about an app? (Well, besides Pokemon Go. We saw that Vaporeon in Central Park too.)

And we’re not cherry-picking reviews. You can read about more customers who love TSheets’ mobile technology here.

Ready to find out what all the fuss is about? And more importantly, are you ready to fall in love with mobile time tracking?

This is us. We’re a time tracking company, but we’re also …


This is you (we hope).

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